There will be
white and red roses,
well-lilt chorale
excitement is there
and the tears of your mother.
You are her dulcinea
and then she whispered,
“Daughter, you are now
an ember.”

Friends came,
flower crowns
on their heads.
And for the hundredth time,
you felt solace
on their laughter.
Eyes on you
then tears fell,
“We’re happy for you.”
that’s what they said.

Minutes after,
frescade walk—
slow, romantic,
following the rhythm
of your chosen music.
Flowers and your father’s arm
and at the end
of the portico
there he is—
trying to hold back
his tears.

Exchanges of
dulciloquy vows and
his dulcet voice
formed mist of tears
in your eyes.
After the long wait,
an aenoial love
with no more lies.

Svelte and soigne suit,
beautiful smile.
You said,” I do.”
He did, too.
You cried, he hugged you tight.
He said:
“I was confused
when God didn't gave
me them.”
Tears also fell
from his eyes,
he looked at you
and continued,
“Now I knew
the reason why.”

—  a.r., Someday, someone will wipe your tears away
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  • Closure In Moscow
  • The Penance & The Patience

Each sporadic time I see you,
I get lost in your embrace,
Your embrace is just a greeting,
But I hold you none the less
It’s all I have, and I’m dying for this.

Dearest Dulcinea when your heart’s already full,
Where does that leave all the love I have?

I still see your face, you’re safe in my sleep again
(I’m starving for you, but you will never know)
I still see your face, you’re safe in my sleep again
(I’m starving for you, but you will never know)


So was watching the adventures of Puss in boots and I had a thought, and it pertains to EAH as well

In these worlds where fairy tales are history, wouldn’t it make sense for nursery ryhmes to be their “golden rules” or something of the sort?

though of course, it doesn’t excuse Dulcinea from following them like it’s her bible or anything. Be weird to try to hit on

sadly I only found one special picture of Dulcinea