This Robotic Cockroach Is Controlled With Your iPhone

Japan is well known for its vast array of head scratching products. It’s part of the charm, we’re told. Add to the list the above Roachbot. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a remote controlled toy that resembles a roach. The extra fun thing about it is that it can be fully controlled with your iPhone. You attach the IR controllers and launch the app, and your insect toy’s meanderings are under your fingertips. There’s a fairly extensive set of controls, from simple left/right up/down, to slight trim adjustments. But perhaps more interestingly, you can also use the phone’s accelerometer and do the controlling via tilting

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UAV’s at FOB Warhorse

Adding a male “drone” evolution for Combee, and a rival line based on ants. I’m guess the evolution for both lines would be the same, and based on gender it would evolve into the “queen” or “drone”.

Typing is unknown.  Presumably Bug-type at the least.  Drones are probably Bug/Flying.


Artist: Bell02

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Drone footage reveals the extent of damage to Gaza City caused by the recent conflict with Israel that lasted 50 days, until a ceasefire was brokered.


My fascination with drone started when I got into The Velvet Underground and discovered the work of John Cale and La Monte Young on The Dream Syndicate (The Theatre Of Eternal Music). Since then I’ve been listening to this genre constantly and decided to make a playlist of the tracks I think are essential for anybody that wants to get into it. At first a lot of people complain about the duration of the songs. Yes, 40, 50 minutes sounds like a lot, but you have to realize that this is supposed to be an experience, the immediate perception of the melody unfolding loop after loop. This concept has helped me enjoy “regular” songs even more. Here’s the list:

  1. Loop - The Velvet Underground
  2. Jam Session - The Velvet Underground
  3. You’re My Everlovin’ - Henry Flynt
  4. Stainless Steel Gamelan - John Cale
  5. Raga Manj Khamaj - Ravi Shankar & Ali Akbar Khan
  6. Descending Moonshine Dervishes - Terry Riley & Don Cherry
  7. Symphonies of the Planets 1-5: NASA Voyager Recordings
  8. Dreamweapon: An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music - Spacemen 3

I didn’t take the time to make a mixtape because I don’t think anybody is capable of listening more than 4 hours of the same kind of music. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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SORIAH - Promo Video Reel

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Finally have some time to sit down and edit some stuff from the summer! Here’s a #drone video from Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont! (at 🎵Jubel by Klingande🎵)