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Looking for your dreamie in ACNL?

I’m starting a cycling town! The sole purpose is to find dreamies for you guys 😻😻

Go ahead and reblog this post and say 1 or 2 of your dream villagers you’re looking for and I’ll write down your URL and choices , and if I get the cuties you desire you can have them for FREE!!

I’ve been playing AC for 12 years and I just want to help you all out. I’ll write them all down, so signal boost this!

I don’t have many animal crossing followers, so please reblog for others to see!!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf [8 Villager Exploit Tutorial for Dream Villagers]

This “Exploit”* is used to get dream villagers quickly and easily, through a process that uses the New Leaf Movement system, and uses it to the advantage of the player. It requires time travelling, but no villagers should move out by accident. It’s simple, and exciting to do!

It’s really good to cycle particular personalities if you’re lucky to get onto a personality cycle that you like. (i.e. the Smug pool is really small, and easy to land the likes of Marshal and Julian)

Some Villagers I got from this:

  • Chief
  • Molly
  • Bianca
  • Phoebe
  • Lucky
  • Bangle
  • Julian (THREE TIMES oh my god. I never moved him in though)

Besides the obvious…

  1. NINE Villagers (Including one you want to move out, Eight you’ll keep)
  2.  Ability to Time travel through 3ds Menu (and fair knowledge on how to do so)
  3.  A list of goal villagers (Note: In this method, a lot of the time you will end up with one personality to cycle through. Make sure you have an idea of at least one villager per personality you want)
  4.  Campsite (Optional, but AMAZINGLY helpful)
  5.  Less than 3 characters
  6. A T.V./Book/Internet to keep yourself occupied.


Refers to the roped off area that appears the day before a villager moves in.


Means log on as one of your EXISTING characters, save and turn off. (Unless stated otherwise)


Balanced: Meaning you have at least 7 of the 8 personalities in your town AFTER the ninth villager has moved out.

Unbalanced: Meaning you have less than 7 of the personalities in your town 

These are important for the personality cycles


In this method, if you have an unbalanced town, you will end up cycling one particular personality 9/10 times. This is always one of your missing personalities in the town. 

For example, if you are missing Uchi and Normal in your town, you will begin to cycle either Only Uchi or Only Normal villagers (With some exceptions.) 

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