DRAGON*CON SKETCH: Winter Soldier & Black Widow 

Here’s another sketch from Dragon*Con!

Not really any quirky story for this commission. The person who asked for it was cosplaying Winter Soldier and they were with someone cosplaying Black Widow. So I thought that was cute, for whatever my opinion is worth.

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Here are some of my favorite shots that we took from the Dragon Con weekend. I attended the giant Marvel photoshoot with my boyfriend playingwfire who was dressed as Mar-Vell and in the process met a TON of amazing fellow Carol Danvers cosplayers and a handful of adorable Kamala Khans.

The best moment of the big shoot was when kellysue herself stood in front of the giant crowd of Marvel cosplayers, called out the Carol Corps and had us all lineup down in front for an epic shot. A weekend I wont soon forget.