To be honest… I can appreciate that Cassandra Pentaghast is straight. It destroys two stereotypes in one go: the “all straight women are feminine” stereotype, and the “all lesbians are masculine” stereotype. I guess I shouldn’t be saying this since I can’t properly understand/sympathize with queer women who wanted to romance her, seeing as I’m going to enjoy Cassandra either way. I guess I just kind of like the idea of a woman who fucks multiple stereotypes in the ass all at once.


I generally am concerned that there are going to be a lot of DA:I complaints from tumblr users because the canon ideas they have for their Love interest and romance options might actually differ from the character itself. People are going to imagine characters being for certain things in their heads and be overwhelmed when the character’s personality challenges that.

anonymous said:

"you’re dismissing and ignoring the compulsive heteronormativy that tells every gay kid in the world that if they want to enjoy fiction, in most any form, they *need* to stop looking for role models and heroes who look like them." No he's actually just saying to be happy that this company has given you role models like Sera and Dorian and not to expect every character in the game to be a role model for a minority group.

Read the whole sentence…”Play however you want, but if you look down on others for not playing the same way”…it’s really, really clear what I’m talking about.  Not putting the OP down for their own playstyle, but slightly annoyed that their confession sounds judgey, and assumes that other LGBT players will bash him for the way he wants to play.  Unless he’s telling everyone to play the same way, I really doubt it.

And as for “be happy with what you got”…why is this important to you?  I assume you’re not the OP, since you’re on anon and you’d have nothing to lose by just saying so.  Why do I need to “settle” for one each, when there are two other characters close to the Inquisitor, Iron Bull and Josephine, and hopefully others, not necessarily LGBT, but whom I relate to as women, or people of color, or otherwise?  Like, you seem to be telling me that it’s unreasonable to want more than two relatable characters in the whole game.  Do you want everyone else to be white guys with brown hair and a little stubble voiced by Nolan North or Troy Baker?  Because that would be dull.

Yeah, no, not really seeing your point.  The confession was about wanting to play a male character to romance Dorian, but also playing a female character for Sera.  I don’t create characters for romances, but I don’t look down on those who do, and I don’t assume that others will tear me down when I say anything about it online.  Yeah, there are those who think I miss something by not playing dude characters, but so what?  I know I have fun with the games I play, the way I play.

And I think you’re going to have to get over the idea that LGBT players should only ask for and/or expect only one or two relatable characters per game.  Is it going to happen in games that aren’t made by Bioware any time soon?  Maybe not.  Will it eventually happen?  Yeah, if video games ever want to tell stories that reflect real life, at least some will be made.


I loved Anders in DA:A. He was hilarious, charming and generally a good person (Aside from his obvious blood lust for Templars. But who could blame him?) So, when I found out he was a romancable character in DA:2 I was super excited and was determined to totally tap that Dark and Tortured mage booty…

In my 1st playthrough, I ended up being drawn in by Fenris’ shock of white hair, dark skin and green eyes. Varric was right. I swooned as he passed and wanted to make dozens of broody babies in his honor. What can I say, I‘m a total sucker for a guy with pointy ears and tattoos.

Then Anders lied to Hawke and blew up the Chantry. I was fucking furious. Granted, Anders was a violent and manipulative character in DA:A. But I don’t think for a second he (without Justice) would have ever intentionally killed that many innocent people, for any cause, no matter how justified he felt.

Because of that, I have never been able to bring myself to romance him. I’ll stick with my brooding little wolf, thank you!


Knight Captain Cullen and The Mage Inquisitor

I’m glad Cullen is returning to Dragon Age: Inquisition because after his little  anti Mage rampage in Dragon Age 2:

Knight Captain Cullen: “Mages cannot be treated like people. They are not like you and me. They are weapons. They have the power to light a city on fire in a fit of pique.”

I (as a pro Mage and a diehard mage player) can now tell this anti mage Templar what to do since I, The Mage Inquisitor, would be his new boss. How Ironic would that be? Just thinking about it just gives me such an evil grin on my face. (evil laugh)

When DA2 was given to me I wasnt a gamer, I never played 1 video game period. I didnt know how to use an xbox. My brother gave me the game one day and I played on his xbox for 10hrs… I just had a kid and I have been going through this religious change and spiritual change. It always reminds me of myself when I get to the end of the game. I abandoned my childhood teachings because it felt wrong, as a way to control people instead of letting them find the great spirit inside of ourself. Forcing us to follow the rules and worship someone elses god. And because I am different im all bad…. so I can never side with the Templars, I beleive in magic, I beleive in good people and true freedom no matter how many blood mages I dont have it in my heart to force everyone into following beliefs of something that isnt theirs.

Confession: I can’t put into words how little respect I have for those people who bash and belittle confessors who dislike or hate Isabela. I have romanced till the end Isabela, I read all the comics and books available about DA, so I know everything there is to know, to date, about Isabela. Most of my wardens are very dark skinned, and two of my most favorite video game characters are Fran (FF12), and Xemnas (KH2). I love urban-fantasy books, and most of the time the main protagonists are female (with Kate Daniels, Harper Connelly, and MacKayla Lane being my favorites). So YES, I have gotten to know Isabela fully, YES, I equally love all skin colors, YES, I love women and especially strong willed women, and yet, I still hate Isabela. Everyone has the right to like, or dislike whoever they want. This does not make the confessor “stupid”, “a failure in their own life”, “a racist”, “a woman hater” or whatever some of you like calling people who hate Isabela. It just makes the confessor human and free to accept or reject whoever they want! That some of you are not able to respect this simple human right, speaks a lot about you.