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Fox News guest complains that feminists aren’t being ‘what God designed them to be’ (For more info, visit The Raw Story; For a related video, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/95311436501/god-made-girls-a-nauseating-and-regressive-new)

Those zany Loudons are back in the gossip feed, with news to make parents pause.

Lyda Loudon, 18-year-old daughter of former Gumbo Flats (aka Chesterfield) poli-power couple John and Gina Loudon, is dating an older man. Much older.

Celebrity mags report that the young Loudon — who hosts an online radio show “Sarcasm Overdose” and is active in Tea Party Youth affairs — is keeping time with Steven Bauer, 57, best known for his role in “Scarface.” (He also recently played Don Eladio in “Breaking Bad.”)

This is not the first brush with celebrity for the Loudons, who moved away in 2011 and now live in San Diego. Last year, the Tea Party sweethearts — John was a state senator and Gina hosts a conservative talk show — were participants in the reality show “Wife Swap.”

She’s just another deranged Tea Party nutbar.

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Conservative activists Gina Loudon (filling in for Bryan Fischer) and Ann-Marie Murrell who, along with Morgan Brittany, recently co-authored a book called “What Women Really Want,” spoke today on American Family Radio about members of ISIS committing egregious acts of violence against women.

Murrell argued that since many women in ISIS-controlled parts of Syria and Iraq have been enslaved, feminists in the U.S. should stop talking about issues like access to birth control and “kiss the ground that they were blessed to be born in.”

“None of these feminists that are so determined to get this stupid birth control are talking about violence against women in the Mideast,“ Murrell insisted. “I’m sorry, go to any gay bar and get free condoms, I’m sorry to say that on radio but it’s true.”

“Sorry about the gay bar comment, but it’s true,” she reiterated.

Later, Murrell alleged that the Obama administration “has almost encouraged Islamic terrorism throughout the world” and Obama is personally “endangering America.”

She added that women are willfully ignorant about “Islamic terrorism in America” just as they refuse to see the truth about abortion.

From the 10.29.2014 edition of AFR’s Focal Point:

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WorldNetDaily’s Gina Loudon believes that young people will rise up against President Obama once they realize that he has “taken the hard-earned ‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’ and turned it into 'The Land of the Enslaved Effeminates and the Home of the Cowards.’”

The right-wing columnist and talk show host writes that Obamacare advertisements promote “homo-erotic twerking,” part of a larger Hollywood agenda that “tore down men and glorified world peace and transvestites.”


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WorldNetDaily pundit Gina Loudon is out with a new column titled “8 Reasons Why Democrats Hate Traditional Marriage.”

We won’t get into all of the reasons that Loudon has uncovered, but she does tell us that Democrats want to bring an end to “traditional marriage” since they want couples to be sick, poor and childless.

Loudon even claims that Democrats seek to “destroy marriage” because they are “opposed to people being mentally healthier,” arguing that Democrats secretly hope for a “mentally deranged person to act out violently” so they can “rush to a TV camera to call for more gun control” and make sure that “all guns were banned.”

Have you ever wondered what it is about traditional marriage that is so offensive to Democrats?

1) Married people overwhelmingly vote Republican

For the last several elections, traditionally married people have overwhelmingly voted Republican. Married men and women supported Romney by 14 percent. Married women alone supported Romney by seven points. If only married people were allowed to vote, the GOP couldn’t lose no matter how hard it tried – no matter how spineless and worthless its candidates. The inverse is also true. If Democrats can cause fewer people to get married and fewer people to value traditional marriage, Democrats can destroy the GOP’s advantage among that group of voters.

2) Married people are physically healthier

Studies throughout the years have all agreed that in almost every way, married couples are physically healthier. Married people live longer, are less likely to develop cancer and heart disease, and are healthier in more ways than can be listed here.

You may wonder why Democrats are opposed to people being healthy.

Simply put, when people are healthy, they don’t need help from the government. Of course, no matter how healthy one may be, we are all now forced to purchase health insurance.

3) Married people are mentally healthier

Married people are less likely to suffer depression, develop dementia, commit suicide and are protected from a host of other disorders. Married people are also more likely to describe themselves as happy.

But why would Democrats be opposed to people being mentally healthier?

All it takes is one mentally deranged person to act out violently for Democrats to rush to a TV camera to call for more gun control and government surveillance. If only government agents were able to snoop on everyone (conservatives) 24/7, they could prevent violent outbursts. Also, they claim that if all guns were banned (except from men who guard the president and leftist politicians), there would be no more gun violence.

4) Married people are wealthier

Research done by Ohio State University found that married people individually are almost twice as wealthy (93 percent wealthier) than single people.

To a Democrat, that screams income inequality. It is unfair in the mind of a progressive for married people to have more money than unmarried people. Besides, what did those evil married people do to steal that money from everyone else? Don’t worry. Democrats will turn those tax credits for married couples into taxes levied against married couples. If only those pesky right-wing extremists would get out of the way, they could tax traditional marriage out of existence. That hasn’t been formally proposed yet, but don’t think that hasn’t crossed the minds of Democrats in D.C.

8) Marriage promotes children

Organizations like ZPG (Zero Population Growth), Planned Parenthood and even animal rights groups flourish when fewer children are born, or when having fewer children is the goal. All of those organizations are arms of the Democratic Party, so when they flourish, so does the cash in the coffers of the Democratic Party.

Should the government just stay out of marriage? No!

Democrats flourish when marriage is diminished, but many on the right side of the political spectrum still refuse to take a stand on the issue. They have fallen for the lie of the left that conservatives should be neutral on the issue. The idea that the government should “stay out of marriage” is exactly what the left would love the right to believe. If Democrats and their allies actively push to destroy marriage, and Republicans can be convinced that they should be neutral on the issue, then Democrats will win this one easily and traditional marriage will be something we will soon read about in history books.

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Gina Loudon was there at the foot of the Gateway Arch when the St. Louis Tea Party held its first demonstration back in February 2009. She went on to gain national fame for organizing a Buycott of Arizona products in support of the state’s controversial immigration laws. She even got her own radio show as “Dr. Gina Loudon.”.

And now the good doctor (she apparently has a PhD in a “psychologically related field”) has landed a gig on reality TV. Because, let’s face it, what else is there for Loudon to accomplish? That’s right television fans, set your DVR to ABC tonight when Loudon trades places with a free-lovin’ woman in Wife Swap.

Yep, it’s about to get real uncomfortable in the conservative Loudon house, which, btw, is no longer in St. Louis. Gina and her husband, former Missouri State Senator John Loudon, now call San Diego home.

The episode will air next Thursday night on your local ABC affiliate. In the Saint Louis DMA (where this blog resides at), it’s KDNL.

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Dr. Gina is UnTruthful (by mrdez24)

“Dr.” Gina Loudon is a coward and a racist shitflinger.

When one fills in for Bryan Fischer, one of the single most anti-LGBT commentators with an actual platform, one must retain that certain je ne sais quoi that makes Mr. Fischer such a special snowflake. Gina Loudon proved herself up to the challenge when she linked marriage equality for same-sex couples with both man-on-dog and woman-on-minor unions.

From the 11.15.2013 edition of AFR’s Focal Point:

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