At the age of 10 Martin’s dad died, he was very close to his dad and he could trust him. Martin worried that his mum wouldn’t be able to cope and that she’d have to get rid of him but it was the complete opposite. She was clingy and she liked him to always be home, she took him on holidays just so he wasn’t away at school. Martin had no social life, he felt sorry for his mum so he always did what she said. When Martin got to the age of 17 he’d really had enough of his mum, he had no friends at all and his mum was getting to be very over protective. One day Martin simply packed his bags to Camp Oak Wood, forged his consent and left without even saying goodbye to his mum.

  APPLY NOW FOR STREETS OF GLORY : a The Originals roleplay

300 years ago the Mikaelson family ruled New Orleans. Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah forged the Quarter out of rubble, finding that it was not only a refuge to hide from Mikael, but a home where they could be themselves. For decades, they ruled over the Quarter in harmony with Marcel and the rest of the species. Although all seemed well, Marcel and Rebekah were plotting against Klaus in the hopes of removing him from their lives once and for all. With the help of a witch, they called Mikael to New Orleans. Unfortunately, their plan backfired when Mikael decided to be-rid of everyone who’s ever been close to Klaus, including Marcel. Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus fled New Orleans, believing their companion to be dead. Now, centuries later, they have returned, with Klaus ready to take back his throne and his power from Marcel, still alive, who has ruled i

James Hardy ♔ 25 ♔ Human // Pirate ♔ First Mate ♔ FC: Douglas Booth

James is currently OPEN.

Personality Traits

✔ // ✘: adventurous, mischievous, hard-working, hopeful, hotheaded


He was always the kid who didn’t get along well with his peers. He had absolutely no respect or admiration for the ranking of nobles in the court, had nothing but contempt for the way that commoners had to work themselves to death just to make end’s meet. He was completely disillusioned by everything that the kingdom of Ronsanella (and other kingdoms just like it) represented, and as a little boy, James had absolutely no qualms with making that vocal. He was raised to think that the royal and noble courts represented cruelty, that the merpeople represented danger, and that the pirates represented exactly the sort of rebellion that Ronsanella needed to shake its aristocracy and to tackle the difficulties that lower classes faced on a day-to-day basis. Though the rest of the kingdom condemned pirates for what they did and what they represented, James viewed them as kindred spirits; as heroes who made it their mission to set out and destroy the world, bit by bit, in the hopes that one day they could rebuild something new. Something greater. Something that represented equality for all rather than an injust system of classes that damned the poor and praised the wealthy. When he was a child, James Hardy liked to play a game of pirates and bandits with some of the other local children; he liked to dream that he was a pirate lord, that he was responsible for hoarding loot and then passing it out accordingly to all the grateful and needy subjects of Ronsanella. He liked to think himself a hero, and spent nights telling his friends that one day, he’d rise to the top. No one believed him, of course, and laughed off James’ goals and called him foolish and overly-idealistic, but James knew. He knew deep down that he was made for piracy.

Even if no one else believed it.

In a strange way, James Hardy grew up both alone and surrounded by others. His mother, a bartender at one of the local village pubs, had passed away giving birth to James, shortly after declaring what she wished her only son to be called. As his mother had no idea who the father of her child was, James grew up in the dark about who his biological dad was. His mother was gone, his father was missing in action, and he had no siblings, aunts, or uncles to help carry on the tradition of the Hardy name. So, without anything left to do with the infant, Ronsanella’s orphanage claimed him as one of their own, putting the small boy up for adoption in the hopes that someday, he would find a kind and loving family to care for and love him. No such day came. Months lapsed into years, and James grew older and older. By the time he was eight years old, he had no family and still had no clue as to who his father was, but he did have one thing; one thing very special and dear to his heart. Friends. It was a group fo them: four boys with dreams of breaking out of the orphanage and making it on their own. James wanted to become a pirate, and his three closest friends wished to follow in his footsteps. For the next handful of years, the boys got into mischief together; snuck into the village square and stole food to give to the homeless, went racing through the woods and pretended they were playing games of pirates vs. knights, and sometimes—on occasion—would go around and look for hidden treasure. Life was a breeze for James, who was becoming more and more rebellious with each and every day that passed, and by the time he and the other boys—Finch, Mason, and Brett—were fourteen years old, James had hatched a plan. Bound and determined to rid himself of the orphanage once and for all (which James personally felt was more like a prison than anything else), James created a complicated escape plan…and at first, it worked. For the next few months, James and his band of boys lived on the run; they slept in the woods, stole food when necessary, and dreamed of the day when they would become pirates once and for all. For a long while, it seemed everything was going perfectly.

But then, three months into their escape, James went out to go hunting for him and his friends. By the time he returned, they were gone. Worried that something had happened to his friends, James raced through the woods…and found his friends being carted back towards civilization by a pair of knights he recognized from the orphanage. James tried to reach his friends—to coax them back out into the wild with him—but they would have none of it. It seemed that living off the land and playing survival was a lot less fun for Finch, Mason, and Brett than they’d thought it would be. Heartbroken that his best friends were giving up on freedom so easily and frustrated that he’d nearly risked his own freedom for theirs, James stormed off in a huff. He had no idea if the knights continued to look for him or if the orphanage merely gave up…because by the next week, James had managed to slip aboard a massive ship known as the Arc de Royale, posing as a cabin boy and working alongside the crew. It wasn’t the most ideal position, of course, but it was better than not being on the boat at all.

James was fifteen years old when the ship’s crew began to notice that he didn’t quite belong. He didn’t carry the slumped shoulders and defeated form of a typical prisoner aboard ship, nor was he as advanced or knowledgable about certain shipping terms as some of the more experienced recruits were. When approached by the quartermaster, James spilled the truth; he told the elder that he had slipped on board to escape life in Ronsanella…and rather than turn him away, the crew on Arc de Royale welcomed the young boy with arms wide open. Approximately ten years have passed since James first boarded ship, and while many things have changed in his life, some aspects of his life and his personality have remained the same. First and foremost, his mischievousness. Secondly, his loyalty, ambition, and dedication. And thirdly…how much he aches and misses the three best friends he grew up with. Though he has no idea what happened to Finch, Mason, and Brett, James has made a plethora of friends aboard his new ship. Working up close and personally for one of the pirate lords has proven to be quite a refreshing challenge for James, and each and every day the young man learns all that he can from his commander, Flynn Bramwell. As a first mate of the Arc de Royale, James feels confident that rising up the ranks and eventually leading a ship of his own one day isn’t too far out of reach.

And neither, perhaps, are those idealistic dreams he had at the tender age of fourteen. Maybe equality in Ronsanella can happen…and maybe he can be the one to bring about the change.


Up to player


» Flynn Bramwell: Flynn is James’ mentor and the captain of the ship that James serves as first mate on. He views Flynn as a hero and excellent illustration of what a pirate lord should be, and prays that one day he can command a fleet as large and important as Flynn’s. Perhaps, if he tries hard enough, Flynn will one day hand the Arc de Royale down to him.

Long May She Reign

Love, betrayal, backstabbing, threatening, bribes, lust, jealousy, plotting and devilish plans are all part of a race to power, recognition and sometimes, defense. It’s the fate of anyone who maintains residency in the castle.

In a court where the drama for both the royals and their servants never ends, can they pierce through the veil of destiny?

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Name: Kit Kit Hook
Unknown Captain Hook
Peter Pan
Counselor at “White Cleansing Centre”
Douglas Booth

L I F E   M O T T O

“Romeo always finds a Juliet.. even if it takes a little time.” 

S T O R Y    T I M E

Before the magic of Walt Disney spread, making it so no Villains could reproduce, captain Hook manage to have two children; Kit and Leighton Hook. Now, if it wasn’t for Leighton’s smart brain in deciding the two of them should go be Lost Boys under cover, there would just be constant bantering between the Hooks and the Lost Boys. Now don’t think about it too much, the original Lost Boys made the two siblings go through a bunch of challenges to see if they could actually be Lost Boys, Leigh especially was stuck doing grunt work since the Lost Boys thought that girls could not get down and dirty and be adventurous.

Ruthless. Dirty. Gruff. All three words are used to describe a pirate, however, they do not describe Kit Hook. Growing up on a pirate ship the boy was expected to act more like his sister, harsh and distant, but he was just couldn’t; he was too good, too kind. During sparing lessons Kit could never bring himself to hurt his opponent nor could he partake in any of the violent happenings on the ship. Though one might think he’d be outcast for this, the boy wasn’t. His father, James Hook, -though displeased that his son wasn’t good with a sword- actually went to his son numerous times for advice when he had to make a rational decision and many of the others aboard followed suit. Kit soon became the crews trusty adviser and he loved to help. Seeing some positivity be spread amongst the crew members Kit found his purpose. The boy, so happy and light, never expected that one day he’d be accused of being a traitor, and especially not by his own sister.

Being sent away to a town to “remember where his loyalties are supposed to lie” it became clear to the boy that he would never step foot aboard the Jolly Roger again. This didn’t bother the boy as much as he would’ve originally thought and it was probably because coming to the school Kit began helping more people. Making friends with almost everyone he meets, Kit tries to help as many unfortunate souls as he can, but doesn’t always succeed. The boy is not always met with open arms but with a bit of charm he can sway almost anyone. This has been slightly dangerous to the boy since sometimes he can be a little too accepting, yet, no matter what happens you will never see Kit without a smile.


✓ Charming
✓ Positive
✓ Reasonable

✗ Dorky
✗ Awkward

✗ Romantic


Peter Pan


X , X , X , X

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Senior year is finally here, but for the pack, that means much more than keeping up their grades and completing college applications. School is hardly at the forefront of most people’s minds when their town is being infiltrated by the supernatural drawn there—and not all of those who come are as friendly as they initially seem. With the lines between friend and foe blurred, will everybody make it to college this year? What will happen if they do?

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