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At the age of 10 Martin’s dad died, he was very close to his dad and he could trust him. Martin worried that his mum wouldn’t be able to cope and that she’d have to get rid of him but it was the complete opposite. She was clingy and she liked him to always be home, she took him on holidays just so he wasn’t away at school. Martin had no social life, he felt sorry for his mum so he always did what she said. When Martin got to the age of 17 he’d really had enough of his mum, he had no friends at all and his mum was getting to be very over protective. One day Martin simply packed his bags to Camp Oak Wood, forged his consent and left without even saying goodbye to his mum.

Meet ETIENNE BONFAMILLE-O'MALLEY, a TWENTY year old who resembles DOUGLAS BOOTH. He hails from PARIS, where he lived with his parent TOULOUSE. Unfortunately, Etienne is UNAVAILABLE.

The lights go out and I can’t be saved. Tides that I tried to swim against. Have brought me down upon my knees. Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing

He is described to be—

+ creative, gentle, resourceful
- perverse, resentful, reserved

His story goes like this—

Etienne has been considered an art prodigy since he was a small child. From the time he could walk, his father had a paint brush in his hand.  The art he created was spectacular. He used the canvas to tell stories of magnificent lands, and the people that lived there. While his art always looked realistic, there was always a hidden element of fantasy in them. Art is all Etienne’s ever really known, as soon as people began to realize just how talented he is they made art is main priority in life without even bothering to ask him. His own father wasn’t even able to control it. He found himself with an agent and publicist who controlled everything- Etienne and his father had no say. He was expected to spend most of his day working on his paintings and sculptures, then he was to eat and rest. Things such as schoolwork, socializing and having fun no longer mattered. Etienne had a talent and it needed to be shared with the world, which basically means he needed to continue making new things so his other work could be sold off. He never had what most people would consider a normal life, as everything was put into painting. Sure he got amazing chances to travel, but all of those were to gain inspiration. But one thing no one ever cared about was Etienne, no one cared if he was happy or how he was feeling. No one realized how unhappy the boy was, he loves painting but not like that. Painting was supposed to be a hobby, not something he was forced to do. Eventually it grew to the point of where Etienne nearly just stopped. He could do it, just drop everything and run. But he chickened out and continued his very unhappy life. 

Etienne first heard about Walt Disney Academy when he was off on some art tour, and he ran into a student from the school a boy about his age named Harold. He had taken one look at Etienne and realized just how unhappy he was, and suggested that he attend Walt Disney Academy to take a break from everything. So Etienne looked into the school and he liked it a lot so he went to work on trying to convince his father. Eventually Etienne won and off to university he went, under the condition that he would still produce three pieces of art a month or his father would withdraw himself from the school. So as much as it bothers him, he complies as he fears having to return to his previous life. To take his mind off of this, Etienne has decided to join the photography club. He’s not bad, but he’s certainly not used to taking pictures. In addition to this he has always decided to participate in sports, more specifically track and field and martial arts.

Be careful around him, his powers are—

FELINE PHYSIOLOGY→ Power to use the abilities of felines. Etienne is naturally a cat, but he has spent most of his life in human form. But he’s luckily been gifted with the ability to turn into a cat if he pleases which he has used to his benefit. Sometimes it doens’t hurt to be able to turn into a cat and just escape his problems. 

ENCHANTED ARTISTRY→ The ability to influence probability and reality through drawing, sculpting, painting, or any other form of art. Etienne is not sure what he is supposed to think about this power, it’s certainly very odd and he’s having a hard time getting a hang of it. But what he does know is that it’s more powerful than it looks. If he’s not careful his art could end up changing the world, and he’s not sure he wants to do that.

You can see him around with—

HAROLD BJORGMAN Harold and Etienne have been friends since before he even attended WDU. In fact Harold is the whole reason he’s even here. If he hadn’t suggested it, Etienne would be off suffering through tour after tour. So naturally he’s incredibly thankful for Harold, and he considers the male to be one of his closest friends.

Etienne never really had the chance to get to know his cousins, and especially not Windsor. Seeing as soon as his painting abilities were discovered he was whisked off and forced to spend his time painting so he never got to play with the others. And then by the time he was older none of them had enough in common for him to bother trying to reform their relationship, plus he didn’t have time. However now that all of them are attending the same school Etienne’s decided that he’s going to make a real effort to get to know his family, after all it’s about time.

Etienne likes Artemis, he’s noticed how much the girl seems to appreciate art and it makes him happy. He’s noticed she seems to have an interest in his art, but she’s yet to say anything about it to him which he is thankful for. Although they are not best friends by any means, they are pretty good friends. Every once in a while they’ll stop to have a conversation about art and different artists, it’s a  very nice relief for Etienne to be able to talk about art with someone. 

Etienne isn’t sure what to think about Knox, at times he likes him and then there’s times where he’d rather punch him in the face. As much as his artwork has ruined his life, he’s still proud of it and he can’t tolerate when Knox criticizes it. He knows some of it is mean’t to be constructive but some of it is just plain harsh and insulting. He tries his best to ignore it but he’s gotten mad before and had to just take a moment to calm down. 


Ryland Christopher Bennett ♦ [Douglas Booth] ♦ TAKEN

Quick Facts

Age: 22
Sex: Male
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Diagnosis: Bipolar disorder, Murder


Ryland Christopher Bennett was a good child for most of his life. Did what he was told, went to church with his family every Sunday, was everything any blue collar American family would want in a son. But that wasn’t who he was or wanted to be. Ryland wasn’t who anyone in the small neighborhood where he lived thought he was. The boy was a cold blooded killer.

He hadn’t meant to do it to the girl, Ryland simply had gotten mad. One thing lead to another, and his hands were wrapped around the girls throat. Her screams pierced his ears, but he didn’t lessen the grip he had around her, refusing to let go until she stopped moving. Even then, he didn’t let go until he heard the sound of her neck snapping her his hands, the feeling of hot sticky blood covering them. Only when the police carted him off to the asylum, did Ryland finally come to his senses.

Ryland has a habit of keeping rubber bands wrapped around his wrist, and whenever he becomes irritable he will start to snap the band against his wrist. Doing this over the years has caused permanent scarring.


Rosette Weaver- Rose and Ryland have a very odd relationship. One moment they are cordial, the next moment they are at each others throats. 


+  creative, cordial, empathetic
- moody, vain, distracted

Are you wild enough to brave the confines of St. James Infirmary?


A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire

Marcus Dupont
Illegitimate son of the Viscount Charlemont (+)
Twenty-four years old
FC: Douglas Booth

P E R S O N A L I T Y 

+ suave, hard-working, loyal
- vengeful, brooding, crass


Marcus grew up with the word bastard engraved on his back. The word’s been so mercilessly thrown at him left and right the parisian society that he no longer cringed at the barbed comments of men wanting to gauge a reaction. Marcus had decided that he would do his mother a favour and stop getting into so many fist fights so he promised he’d only throw a punch when a punch has been thrown. If not, he’d buck up and walk away. He was very much his mother’s son, not that sorry excuse for a man that had left them with nothing. He heard his mother’s sobs when she thought he was asleep and he had seen the puffiness in her eyes the morning after as she made them their breakfast. They lived a humble life back in Paris, and even if Marcus knew that somewhere out there, his father and his family were burning away excess money, he didn’t care. His mother was his whole world and he wouldn’t exchange her for all of Paris and England combined. She had attempted to bring up the topic of his father’s family when they had heard he had passed, but Marcus wasn’t having it. “The man is finally where he belongs, mama. Let him rot in his grave and let us drink to our health.” He had said, though he did not miss the sad glaze in his mother’s eyes at the sentiment. Little did he know that his whole world would soon fall apart.

His mother was sick. She had explained to him that things were growing progressively worse and that she had little to no money to pay for her treatments. At this, Marcus had quit school and moved to work numerous jobs to help his mother, yet even with three odd jobs, he still could not manage. It was one night, he was weary to the bone and his heart was heavy with disappointment when his mother had told him. She had reached out to Viscount Charlemont in the hopes that he’d be able to support her son once she’s gone. Marcus had been enraged at the fact that his mother had gone behind his back. He held a resentment towards the upper tier of the English society, most especially the family that had been so cruel to him and his mother. His mother had tried to reason that the Hunts had no idea of her existence and that it had been solely the deceased Viscount’s fault, but Marcus was stubborn and was convinced that the son was no better. It clearly came as a surprise when Lord Gabriel Hunt had responded with a determined ‘Please expect me at your earliest convenience’. Marcus was very skeptical at that point, wanting nothing to do with this man that his mother insisted he refer to as his brother. By the time Gabriel had arrived in Paris, he had immediately made sure that all of his mother’s medical expenses were taken cared of, something that surprised Marcus even more. He knew that his mother was incredibly grateful, but he was not as convinced.

His mother died ten months after Gabriel’s arrival. The one light in his world had been snipped, leaving him with a brother that he could barely tolerate. After ten months, his resentment had passed, leaving only an awkward tension between the two that he could not explain. It was obvious that Gabriel was trying and that he was a good man, but Marcus still could not shake the fact that he was directly related to the man that had caused so much grief, so he remained difficult and hard-headed, especially after the death of his mama. When Gabriel had told Marcus that he had promised his mother to take Marcus back to England with him, he threw a wine bottle at Gabriel’s head. It missed only because his sodding brother had the good sense to duck. He knew he had no choice, but he didn’t have to like it. Gabriel that whether he liked it or not, they were family, and he would do as his mother had asked and treat him as such, and by doing so, Marcus would have to do the same. Marcus, however, couldn’t seem to wrap his head around the turn of events. There he was, a poor frenchman with a distaste for rich English men, now sailing off to England with a brother hell-bent on turning him into one. Lord, have mercy on his soul.

C O N N E C T I O N S 

Gabriel Hunt – His half-brother and the man that was now hauling his ass back to England. Marcus hated everything that Gabriel stood for and the society that he was trying to introduce to him and no matter how patient he seemed to be, Marcus was equally as bull-headed and hoped that he would soon just snap and send him back to Paris.

Cordelia Hastings – Marcus was shocked to find a woman waiting for him when they had arrived in Gabriel’s estate. She was pretty and small and had the most alluring eyes Marcus has ever seen. She seemed confused at his presence, disappointed almost when he had told her that Gabriel would be arriving much later than him. She, however, was very kind and had most generously indulged him about why she was in Charlemont. Even with what little backstory she allowed him, Marcus couldn’t help but be intrigued. Very intrigued indeed.

This character is open.

Long May She Reign

Love, betrayal, backstabbing, threatening, bribes, lust, jealousy, plotting and devilish plans are all part of a race to power, recognition and sometimes, defense. It’s the fate of anyone who maintains residency in the castle.

In a court where the drama for both the royals and their servants never ends, can they pierce through the veil of destiny?

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Gossip Girl Generations: A few of our Male FCs

Taking place years after the show, this RP tracks the lives of a handful of scandalous New Yorkers and the resurgence of Gossip Girl’s reign. There are tons of available face claims and original characters are more than welcome!

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Christopher Clayton || Age: 21 || Parent: John Clayton || FC: Douglas Booth || OPEN

Christopher was a charming young man growing up. He could get whatever he wanted with a simple smile and a charm of a couple words. He was sexy and he knew how to use it to his advantage. Really he could get most girls swooning over him in no time all because of his amazing cheek bones and jaw. He was a hunter and had really no regard for animal life even going as far to think some lives were worthless especially those that were uncultured. If they weren’t as good as him Christopher saw no reason to spend time with them. He surrounded himself with people he considered his equals or better then him. Though for Chris to think you’re better then him you better be really special.

Unlike Clark he doesn’t care as much as much to avenger his Father’s death especially since he considered his Father to be less the man then Chris had even been. That doesn’t mean he’s willing to let the Porter family slide for hurting his elder brother who cared more their Father was dead. He’s heard there’s multiple royals at the Palace and he feels like he can put the charm on all while protecting his family at the same time.

Attn from Headmistress: He is not allowed in the Palace

Secret: Up to Roleplayer

Family: Clark

What if Rhaegar Targaryen had married Lyanna Stark instead of Elia Martell?

Westeros is a much different place then the one we all know and love. House Targaryen still holds the throne and Robert’s Rebellion never happpened. Robert Baratheon never took the throne or married Cersei Lannister. The War of Five Kings never happened. But that doesn’t mean things are fine in Westeros.

The realm has seen two different wars since the death of the Mad King Aerys and the rise of his son, Rhaegar: a series of rebellions and an attack from the Others, North of the Wall. Both were beaten back with heavy consequences but spring has finally come and with it, the realm tries to recover and finally find a lasting peace.

This roleplay is heavily character & character-development based, aside from events dropped by the mods. Every character-based plot comes from the players themselves, and many characters are needed to fullfill important plots!


Christian Hastings | 17 | Open | FC: Douglas Booth

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world…”

Christian is your typical boy next door, he’s an all around good guy and is the perfect friend. He’s that shoulder to cry on and the guy you go to when you need some cheering up. He is one of the most popular guys in his year. He’s very artsy and enjoys sketching people. He’s talented and you can often find his art up around the school. His room is filled with empty canvases, paint palettes, pencils and paper. He finds his inspiration anywhere and often enjoys sketching the people walking by in the courtyard.

He can sometimes be antisocial but he’s up for a good party as long as his friends are attending. Christian is always being the friend and never the boyfriend. He doesn’t really want a love life, or is looking for one. Christian isn’t one to be able to balance out having a girlfriend and working on his art, he can’t find the right balance between both. Right now, if Christian had to choose, he would choose his art over any girl.

Christian is on the reality show. The network thought the show needed someone like him and Christian saw this as an opportunity to showcase his artwork and also have some extra time to hangout with his friends.

Christian’s latest tweets:

  • Running late! I’ll be there in 10. Promise!
  • Skipped a party to finish up my latest art project. #MyFridayNight #Iregretnothing
  • Why does this always happen to me?


Roscoe Abrams ► Resident ► 18 ► Douglas Booth

All this small town he said she said, ain’t it funny how rumors spread.

  • High school drop-out, currently works at the Waverly horse farm.
  • Known as the “Bad Boy” in town, with a bad reputation and from the poorer side of town.
  • Unaware of the supernatural changes going on in town.

For such an anti-social Maddox family, the Abrams have sure come up their fair share of times down the grapevine. Residing in the “trailer trash” part of the town - which many residents of Maddox refuse to even believe the trailer park is a part of their town - Roscoe’s known all about crazy. The lady from across the street acts more like a dog than her actual dog does, the glances people give him down the hallway are pretty disturbing, and the Abrams family in general isn’t the typical white picket fence type. For a long time life was just him and his mother, if you wanted to get technical. Roscoe never knew his father, and he always assumed his mother didn’t even know who he was, considering the plethora of different guys she would have around. She was a young mother, perhaps older than the stereotypical “Maddox Moms” have been when they had their first child, but unlike them Roscoe’s mom barely had enough to get by on her own. How they even managed to get by was a mystery to the teenager, but he never bothered to care. His deal was to always separate himself from his mother, as if she was a foreign person instead of his own flesh and blood. And honestly, she was a foreign person - the two were never close, and much of Roscoe’s childhood was spent hiding in his room, not wanting to see his mother’s next conquest that spend the night that week. The men were never nice, and if they even bothered to acknowledge the kid was there, they would just insult him or even lay a few blows on him. Roscoe’s mom never did anything; she just sat back and watched it all go down. The six year old was the one who had to make up excuses why he came to school with bruises, until eventually the teachers stopped asking. The best part of his childhood was finding out his mother was pregnant with another child, knowing he was going to be a big brother. Roscoe anticipated his brother’s birth for months and from the minute he was born - even at the age of six - Roscoe knew he had to protect his brother. That meant shielding him from all of their mother’s guys, or even the mistreatment their mother gave them herself. Roscoe practically raised Jem on his own, and he’s the only actual person who Roscoe considers his family.

As Roscoe started getting older, life in Maddox got more difficult. As a child he was only vaguely aware of how the residents would look down on his family, but once he became a teenager it seemed to intensify. Not only were they looking down at his mother, for being the alcoholic and promiscuous mother of two children whose fathers weren’t around, but they were looking at him as well. Once he grew into his size, Roscoe started making a name for himself. He started picking fights with his mother’s lovers, getting a few black eyes but usually winning. Since his mother smoked he developed the habit, and with the friends he made from around the trailer park he got into more serious drugs. Roscoe tried defending that he was better than his mother was, but when it came down to it he just decided he may as well act the part that everyone in town had already gave him. One night when he was sixteen, he came back home drunk and in a foul mood. His mother was with yet another douchebag, and Roscoe had just walked in on seeing the guy hit Jem. Roscoe went ballistic, attacking the sleaze, wound up breaking his nose and a few other bones. His brother was crying and his mom was an angry wreck. She ordered him to leave, and he did. After calling a friend and making sure she’d check on Jem, he hopped on a bus and went to Philadelphia. In Philly he stayed with some friends, couch hopping every few weeks. He stayed there for six months, and when he eventually came back home to Maddox he was sobered up and ready to get his life together. He would’ve stayed in Philly to restart his life there, but there was no chance he would leave his brother alone with their mom.

So Roscoe went back home. His mother was still angry but she let him have his old room, though she seemed to ignore him even more than usual. Jem was cautious around him at first but it didn’t take long to get him to trust him once more. Roscoe couldn’t go back to school, but he went out to get a job and start raising as much money as he could. Unfortunately the talk of Roscoe Abrams coming back to Maddox, after brutally assaulting an innocent man, didn’t help him much with landing a job. Jobs started to become a pattern for him; he’d get hired, work there for a few weeks or even a few months, then get fired for some completely bullshit reason. People were prejudice towards him, and they weren’t afraid to show it. Roscoe was known as “the Bad Boy,” the kind of guy that would fight your eldest son and break your daughters’ hearts… except nobody really knew the truth. Not only was Roscoe done with being the bad boy, but he was over girls in general. Sure, when he started high school he slept around, figuring that was just what guys like him do. But since he had been home, his only real sleeping partner had been his friend Emily, and even that hasn’t been going well. Roscoe wonders what the town would think if the resident bad boy came out and said he was gay - surely that would be some news.

Now, Roscoe’s trying to get by in Maddox as smoothly as possible without getting into any messes. He’s sobered up, but now he wants to get some money, enough to take Jem and relocate the two of them somewhere else. He’s considered fighting for his custody, but Roscoe’s afraid if he shows the crap the kid lives in, they’ll put him into foster care rather than let him stay with his older brother. Lately everything’s revolved around his little brother, but the eighteen year old doesn’t mind. He’s too afraid of what would happen if the entire town knew he liked men, what they would say to Jem, who is already so burdened with their mom’s bullshit. So Roscoe forces himself to kiss a few girls, go through the motions, and keep up this apathetic, bad-boy pretense; anything to keep the spotlight off the Abrams family and protect the only thing that will ever truly matter to him.

While he comes off pretty stoic to others, Roscoe is very cautious of those around him and what they could be thinking or saying about him. He tries to give off the impression that he doesn’t care what others think, but after being in the limelight for so long, it’s really gotten to him. He doesn’t mind playing into the silly role of the bad boy, as long as people start realizing there’s more to him than that. The only thing that still remains about his past self is his temper, which tends to come out when faced with the ignorance of people. He’s not the friendliest of people, usually doubting their sincerity when faced with it, but once he starts to trust someone he opens up more. His trust is not easily given though, and he will never talk about his family life or his past with anyone. Roscoe keeps to himself a lot, and though it’s a lonely way of living, he knows it’s for the best.


  • Half-brother of Jem Abrams, and the sole reason Roscoe’s still in Maddox. To him Jem is everything, and he knows he needs to be around because his mother barely acknowledges him. He would do anything for his brother.
  • Had a no-strings attached relationship with Emily Mills. They’re not particularly friends, but she may just be the closest thing he has to one (besides his brother). Even that seems to be fading, though.
  • Grew up with Lulu Connolly, the two being neighbors and best friends. Since she moved he hasn’t really thought much about her, and is unaware she returned to town. He’s not a fan of her family (the Holmes’) and would assume she’d grow up the same. 
  • Dislikes both Preston Joyce and Christian Waverly. Roscoe and Preston have had their fights in the past, but somehow the blame always gets put on Roscoe. And he just thinks Christian is a coward and has no backbone when it comes to Preston.
  • Had a short fling with Carter Mansur, whom Roscoe felt intimidated by, to say in the least. They stopped seeing each other when Ros was incapable of showing public affection.
  • Hooked up with Stephen Powell more than a few times, and unlike his fling Carter, the two hit it off. As much as Roscoe hates admitting that he’s gay, it felt natural with Stephen.
  • Was offered a job as a stable-hand by Maggie Waverly and while Roscoe’s not entirely sure he likes all the Waverly’s, he doesn’t mind this one. If anything, she seems almost unaware of the prejudice toward him and friendly enough to offer him much-needed work.
  • Is beginning to like Grace Jameson, although he isn’t entirely sure if she’s naturally quirky or just trying to get on his good side.
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Status: Taken by Lauren (CST)