At the age of 10 Martin’s dad died, he was very close to his dad and he could trust him. Martin worried that his mum wouldn’t be able to cope and that she’d have to get rid of him but it was the complete opposite. She was clingy and she liked him to always be home, she took him on holidays just so he wasn’t away at school. Martin had no social life, he felt sorry for his mum so he always did what she said. When Martin got to the age of 17 he’d really had enough of his mum, he had no friends at all and his mum was getting to be very over protective. One day Martin simply packed his bags to Camp Oak Wood, forged his consent and left without even saying goodbye to his mum.

Meet ETIENNE BONFAMILLE-O'MALLEY, a TWENTY year old who resembles DOUGLAS BOOTH. He hails from PARIS, where he lived with his parent TOULOUSE. Fortunately, Etienne is AVAILABLE.

The lights go out and I can’t be saved. Tides that I tried to swim against. Have brought me down upon my knees. Oh I beg, I beg and plead, singing

He is described to be—

+ creative, gentle, resourceful
- perverse, resentful, reserved

His story goes like this—

Etienne has been considered an art prodigy since he was a small child. From the time he could walk, his father had a paint brush in his hand.  The art he created was spectacular. He used the canvas to tell stories of magnificent lands, and the people that lived there. While his art always looked realistic, there was always a hidden element of fantasy in them. Art is all Etienne’s ever really known, as soon as people began to realize just how talented he is they made art is main priority in life without even bothering to ask him. His own father wasn’t even able to control it. He found himself with an agent and publicist who controlled everything- Etienne and his father had no say. He was expected to spend most of his day working on his paintings and sculptures, then he was to eat and rest. Things such as schoolwork, socializing and having fun no longer mattered. Etienne had a talent and it needed to be shared with the world, which basically means he needed to continue making new things so his other work could be sold off. He never had what most people would consider a normal life, as everything was put into painting. Sure he got amazing chances to travel, but all of those were to gain inspiration. But one thing no one ever cared about was Etienne, no one cared if he was happy or how he was feeling. No one realized how unhappy the boy was, he loves painting but not like that. Painting was supposed to be a hobby, not something he was forced to do. Eventually it grew to the point of where Etienne nearly just stopped. He could do it, just drop everything and run. But he chickened out and continued his very unhappy life. 

Etienne first heard about Walt Disney Academy when he was off on some art tour, and he ran into a student from the school a boy about his age named Harold. He had taken one look at Etienne and realized just how unhappy he was, and suggested that he attend Walt Disney Academy to take a break from everything. So Etienne looked into the school and he liked it a lot so he went to work on trying to convince his father. Eventually Etienne won and off to university he went, under the condition that he would still produce three pieces of art a month or his father would withdraw himself from the school. So as much as it bothers him, he complies as he fears having to return to his previous life. To take his mind off of this, Etienne has decided to join the photography club. He’s not bad, but he’s certainly not used to taking pictures. In addition to this he has always decided to participate in sports, more specifically track and field and martial arts.

Be careful around him, his powers are—

FELINE PHYSIOLOGY→ Power to use the abilities of felines. Etienne is naturally a cat, but he has spent most of his life in human form. But he’s luckily been gifted with the ability to turn into a cat if he pleases which he has used to his benefit. Sometimes it doens’t hurt to be able to turn into a cat and just escape his problems. 

ENCHANTED ARTISTRY→ The ability to influence probability and reality through drawing, sculpting, painting, or any other form of art. Etienne is not sure what he is supposed to think about this power, it’s certainly very odd and he’s having a hard time getting a hang of it. But what he does know is that it’s more powerful than it looks. If he’s not careful his art could end up changing the world, and he’s not sure he wants to do that.

You can see him around with—

HAROLD BJORGMAN Harold and Etienne have been friends since before he even attended WDU. In fact Harold is the whole reason he’s even here. If he hadn’t suggested it, Etienne would be off suffering through tour after tour. So naturally he’s incredibly thankful for Harold, and he considers the male to be one of his closest friends.

Etienne never really had the chance to get to know his cousins, and especially not Windsor. Seeing as soon as his painting abilities were discovered he was whisked off and forced to spend his time painting so he never got to play with the others. And then by the time he was older none of them had enough in common for him to bother trying to reform their relationship, plus he didn’t have time. However now that all of them are attending the same school Etienne’s decided that he’s going to make a real effort to get to know his family, after all it’s about time.

Etienne likes Artemis, he’s noticed how much the girl seems to appreciate art and it makes him happy. He’s noticed she seems to have an interest in his art, but she’s yet to say anything about it to him which he is thankful for. Although they are not best friends by any means, they are pretty good friends. Every once in a while they’ll stop to have a conversation about art and different artists, it’s a  very nice relief for Etienne to be able to talk about art with someone. 

Etienne isn’t sure what to think about Knox, at times he likes him and then there’s times where he’d rather punch him in the face. As much as his artwork has ruined his life, he’s still proud of it and he can’t tolerate when Knox criticizes it. He knows some of it is mean’t to be constructive but some of it is just plain harsh and insulting. He tries his best to ignore it but he’s gotten mad before and had to just take a moment to calm down. 

Noah (Douglas Booth FC) was playing one of his more recent songs on his guitar in the Subway, before a group of guards were alerted through security footage. When he saw the guards, Noah, who was always quick on his feet, ran straight up the stairs, narrowly avoiding the larger guard before he felt a large shake in the ground. Sending both of his chasers down the staircase - They were fine, though. Upon exciting the stairwell, Noah then looked across the street as his school, and realized that something very bad had happened, but his curiosity seemed to have got the better of him….


What if Rhaegar Targaryen had married Lyanna Stark instead of Elia Martell?

Westeros is a much different place then the one we all know and love. House Targaryen still holds the throne and Robert’s Rebellion never happpened. Robert Baratheon never took the throne or married Cersei Lannister. The War of Five Kings never happened. But that doesn’t mean things are fine in Westeros.

The realm has seen two different wars since the death of the Mad King Aerys and the rise of his son, Rhaegar: a series of rebellions and an attack from the Others, North of the Wall. Both were beaten back with heavy consequences but spring has finally come and with it, the realm tries to recover and finally find a lasting peace.

This roleplay is heavily character & character-development based, aside from events dropped by the mods. Every character-based plot comes from the players themselves, and many characters are needed to fullfill important plots!

Long May She Reign

Love, betrayal, backstabbing, threatening, bribes, lust, jealousy, plotting and devilish plans are all part of a race to power, recognition and sometimes, defense. It’s the fate of anyone who maintains residency in the castle.

In a court where the drama for both the royals and their servants never ends, can they pierce through the veil of destiny?

Most wanted characters:

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CHARACTER: Bennett Wyatt Avery

Bennett was born in 1192 to two poor farmers in Ireland. He was fifteen when sickness ravaged the village that he lived in, and both his parents and himself fell ill. His parents died and Bennett almost did as well, laying in bed for days waiting for death to take him before he began to slowly recover. With very little material possessions and the population of his village decimated, Bennett fled to London. He became a successful pickpocket and lived on the streets until he was twenty years old and he was turned into a vampire. He stayed with his maker for fifty years, until finally deciding to move on and traveling east for a few decades. Bennett eventually came to the Americas in the early-1800s where he settled in Baltimore before heading back to his Irish homeland approximately eighty years later to visit the remains of his old village, which was now a rather prosperous city. He came back to New York in the 1980s and has lived there ever since, working with Connor Michaels, another member of the Council, at the vampire-run fashion magazine Nouveau. He likes New York because of its hustle and bustle, but can’t help but still feel a bit bored by everything after eight hundred years.


  • Bennett was killed in the Great Fire of 1212 when he was crossing the London Bridge. Although he had been able to escape from the flames, his legs were quick from having to run from angry people he had failed to pickpocket over the years, he wasn’t able to escape from breathing in the smoke. It was a painful way to die as the heat of the smoke burned his throat and his lungs, and he was honestly thankful to pass out as the pain was almost overwhelming.
  • Although Bennett hasn’t lived in New York for long, he was handpicked to join the Council based on age alone. As one of the oldest vampires in the city, Bennett demands respect based on his strength alone. His personality only adds to his affinity as a leader. There was some grumbling when he was appointed initially, but that quickly faded after he assisted in foiling a plan by a couple of power-crazed wolves who had attempted to try and bite as many werewolves as they could to try and weaken the stability of the vampire section of town.
  • Bennett honestly couldn’t care less about his job at Nouveau, but it gives him something to do so he keeps it. It doesn’t hurt either that it pays quite the pretty penny. He’s more hands-on than Connor is when it comes to the magazine, and thus the magazine is basically designed to Bennett’s specifications every month. Although Connor looks over everything for the final approval, Bennett is the one who is more hands-on and calling the shots more directly. Although he doesn’t really care in the grand scheme of things, he does put a lot of hours into it. After all, the last thing he would want is for his reputation to be attached to something that just wasn’t up to par.
  • Bennett spent centuries of his life as a vampire alone. He had quite a few friends that were humans, but as they grew older, Bennett would always leave. He didn’t like aging, it was a reminder that everyone around him would die while he stayed the same. Bennett was thankful for being turned, better than being one of a couple thousand fatalities of one of the London fire, but he was never sure if he was ready to give something so permanent to someone else. It wasn’t until he came across Charlotte Oliver that he decided to change someone once and for all. He turned her to help her get out of the awful situation that she was in, and although he doesn’t regret it, he’s also not sure that he ever wants to turn someone else again. It’s a huge responsibility, and Bennett is usually much too concerned with himself and his own actions to look out for another person too–especially in this day and age.
  • Bennett met Demetri Nicholson through Connor approximately two-hundred years ago. At first he wasn’t much of a fan of Demetri. The slightly younger vampire was just a bit too easy-going for Bennett who was in a more mopey stage of his life. When they met again in the 1980s however, Demetri and Bennett hit it off a lot better. Now Demetri is one of the few people that Bennett actually enjoys seeing outside of work, and one of the few people he’ll actually suggest hanging out with. Usually it’s just going to a local bar to get a couple of drinks, but it’s at least one friend that Bennett has.
  • It was a few weeks ago that Bennett ran into Tyler Welch. The hunter had shot the newborn vampire with a flurry of vervain bullets, and if it hadn’t been for Bennett interfering, the much younger vampire would have died. For some reason, Bennett didn’t kill the hunter, he supposed that he was feeling generous that day, but he did warn the hunter that if he ever laid eyes on him again that he would make sure that the hunter never attacked anyone in New York City again.

Noah (Douglas Booth FC) was playing one of his more recent songs on his guitar in the Subway, before a group of guards were alerted through security footage. When he saw the guards, Noah, who was always quick on his feet, ran straight up the stairs, narrowly avoiding the larger guard before he felt a large shake in the ground. Sending both of his chasers down the staircase - They were fine, though. Upon exciting the stairwell, Noah then looked across the street as his school, and realized that something very bad had happened, but his curiosity seemed to have got the better of him….



now is the time,                       powers of the witches rise,
  now is the hour.                                 course unseen across the skies.
            ours is the magic,                                           come to us who call you near,
                     ours is the power.                                                    come to us and settle here.

The Rowandale Academy for Exceptional Learning came to fruition in the year 1834 through the combined efforts of five powerful witches who chose the lush Irish countryside as the future home to craft the minds of young witches for many years to come. All across the globe, magic was growing; individuals were coming into their own abilities around the age of eighteen and needed help. They needed guidance. Through the Rowandale Academy for Exceptional Learning, they would be aided by witches who had learned control and mastery over their craft. A safe haven for those being persecuted from their abilities that were out of control. However, what began as a positive refuge soon turned into a dangerous facility, and the five founding families had no idea what evil would rear it’s head in the course of the next century.

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Cadence Cyrus ✖ 22 ✖ Right Wing For The LA Galaxy ✖ Sexuality Up To Writer


Growing up in a small town in New Hampshire with nothing much to do and no one to keep him entertained but his brother. It wasn’t surprising that Cadence started playing sports at a young age just so both he and his mother could get out of the house- and town. He grew up playing basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer. If you named a sport it was likely that he would have play it at some point. His parents didn’t just view this as a hobby like they had what his younger brother Chance. His brother wanted to be an artist, he wanted to pursue art and his parents didn’t like that very much. Cadence was outgoing and charming, athletic, and outdoorsy. To his parents, he was perfect and the only reason they had his brother was to try to get their perfect little girl. When his brother wasn’t, well, they turned their interests back to Cadence. Luckily, for Chance, Cadence was always supportive of his brother’s decisions. He had complete faith in his little brother to go off and prove his parents wrong.

Cadence already had his parents support, he still didn’t like how they were pushing his brother’s passion down. He wished that he could have convinced his parents to help Chance achieve his dreams like they motivated him. In his eyes it wasn’t even about a desire to but a need, Chance needed to be an artist like Cadence needed to run around and play sports. He was in varsity sports all throughout high school and it was extremely unsurprising that his commitment pushed him so far ahead. In elementary school, everyone knew he was going somewhere with sports but they didn’t know which one. It wasn’t until his senior year that he decided to strictly play soccer after a long talk with Chance about living the big dream. Once soccer became his sport, he made time to focus on his grades and his brother. His heart and mind were in the game and he knew that was what he wanted to do with his life, and that it was time to lead by example for his brother.

After he received a few scholarships from various colleges across the country he realized his hard work had paid off. Schools were begging for him to come and play for their teams and, after a lot of deliberation, he did. He went off to a college at Notre Dame, focusing on sports medicine to ensure that after his soccer career he would have more options than just coaching. After playing in various positions and the team winning a championship every year, it wasn’t a surprise that scouts came knocking. Upon his graduation, Cadence got to do what he always dreamed of doing when he was recruited to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy as their right wing player. If anyone could describe Cadence, it would be courageous, passionate, and ambitious. Everything he sets his mind to will get done in a matter of time if he truly wants it. Now that he’s settling in with his teammates they encouraged him to join this social network to adjust to a life so far away from his entire family.



FC: Douglas Booth
Availability: OPEN
Negotiable: Yes
Gifs: 428

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[ gryffindor house - 1976 ]

The year is 1976. Tom Riddle, now known as Lord Voldemort, is steadily rising in power. More and more Death Eaters were joining his cause. The number of attacks on muggles, muggleborn, and blood-traitors alike was staggering. The promise of war threatened like storm clouds in the distance, rolling with thunder. Dumbledore made a plea to the ministry. In order for the magical world to understand the importance of cooperation, understanding, and unexpected friends, he insisted they reinstate an ancient tradition.
Thus, Hogwarts was chosen to host a legendary event.

The Triwizard Tournament

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