Don't Starve


more demon!wes arts i made

mostly my faves :U

powers include:

  • all the puppet master dark magic
  • shadow wings

  • mime routines become real and dangerous
  • four-fingered claws (real hands btw) that painfully corrupt whatever he touches so he wears the red, five-fingered gloves so he doesnt do that every single time.  with that corruption power he can turn his balloons into monstrous creations.
  • shapeshifting to his normal, “harmless” looking self, but his demon traits still show up from time to time (as seen above).

literally can’t talk anymore, that ability was painfully taken away.  he can make spoopy demonic hissing noises, tho, and he still does his mime routines. 

yep >:Y

(Don't Starve) Fanart for… Flare2V

Other than Vinesauce, I watch a few streamers that mostly stream Don’t Starve. And Flare is one of the best I’ve seen. He uses Wes, the mime character in both of these pics, which you can only unlock a certain way through Adventure Mode. He’s essentially a hard mode.

And Flare is currently using that first fanart as his “webcam” picture, which makes me so happy!

I’ve noticed when I play Don’t Starve, the character I’m playing dictates how I act in-game.

I was playing as Wilson yesterday with a friend in DST and all I did was build things and gather supplies while they went out and murdered the wild life.

With that same friend, when I’m playing as Maxwell, I go off and kill things and trick Pigmen into following me in the dark so that I can murder them.

It was just something I thought was funny so I decided to doodle it.