Don Ferguson


Don Ferguson and Roger Abbot.



Don Ferguson Productions options Hardly Men                                                                                

The prodco, headed by Air Farce star Don Ferguson, has picked up the TV and digital media rights for the series created by sketch duo Peter Carlone and Chris Wilson (pictured).

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This is a great show and Peter n’ Chris are amazing live. I’m curious if they can expand on this online series, a parody of The Hardy Boys, on broadcast TV.  Looking forward to this one.


Royal Canadian Air Farce Season 7 Finale. Jean Chretien and Paul Martin discusses Jean Chretien’s retirement from office.

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Friends at Bonneville…

We mentioned already our good friend Bruce Meyer had his rookie run in Jack Roger’s Camaro, zipping along the salt for a time of 220.02 mph!

Also talked about was John Mumford… We did not mention, however, that since his doors both blew off in his run, he has unofficially/ officially without any competition set the record for the prestigious position of ‘World’s Fastest '1’ Window Coupe.’

The Mariani Farms Boys borrowed two of 792’s front tires and low and behold, they broke a record of 257.108 mph!! It was definitely the tires that did it.

They then loaned the A Team their trailer, so that they could tow 792 through the salt marsh of a line up and so we could then break our own record!  Thanks you guys!

Van and Cathy Butler, Cathy on the motorcycle, broke their record of 178.090 mph! Congratulations!!

And, of course, the Ferguson Team, with their Gas powered mod roadster went 189.781 mph.