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The forces that unite us are greater than the sum of any that seek to divide us. The Beautiful Struggle. Courage is Beautiful In Every Shade™ | Walter Scott’s mother, Judy Scott, thanked Santana for coming forward.
“He was there. God planned that. He’s the ram in the bush – I truly believe that,” Judy Scott said. Santana agreed. “I think she was right,” he said. “God put me there for a reason.” #beautifulineveryshade#walterscott #feidinsantana #raminthebush #solidarity#youarebeautiful #wearebeautiful #wearefamily#50shadesoflatino #dominican #blacklivesmatter

Minerva Josefina Tavárez Mirabal… Was the second of the 4 Mirabal sisters. Minerva and her sisters actively fought against the cruel dictatorship run by El Generalisimo Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in the Dominican Republic. She was the first of her sisters to be involved in the underground movement to overthrow the dictatorship and attended the University of Santo Domingo. Together with her sisters Patricia and Maria, the three of them formed a group known as Las Mariposas (The Butterflies). The Butterflies posed a huge threat to Trujillo and his regime and they eventually become the face of the Dominican Resistance. Both Minerva and her sisters Maria and Patricia were assassinated in 1961 but their work towards fighting the dictatorship lives in the hearts and homes of thousands of dominicans over half a century later. Minerva Mirabal shows the essence of what it truly means to be Latina. We are strong, intelligent, creative and resilient. It is time to show the world who are not and what we do and not just how we look. I stand here for my sisters, for my mother, and for my daughters. Let’s reclaim the Latina Hashtag.

CONGRATULATIONS to my very awesome and very radcool friend who was accepted to the Nashville Dominicans of St. Cecilia!!!! Please keep Madeline in your prayers–and say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for her. She has been discerning them for 5 years and is now overjoyed at her acceptance!

I’m the short one, by the way