Cure Gems - Dodger’s Stadium backstage footage, 1989 (Prayer Tour)

I’ll always get goosebumps watching this… you can find it in Picture Show. That film is perfect, an incredible amount of unique footages! 
I get goosebumps because you can feel all the sense of anticipation and excitement before the concert. Robert looks very concentrated on what he’s about to do, and it is beautiful because it’s a proof of how much he loves doing what he does, and how much he cares. Other than that, you can see everyone is enjoying the situation, and that’s a very good thing too. (Also, Plainsong wind chimes! ç^ç)


Psy at Dodger’s Stadium

2NE1’s CL to Throw First Ball for LA Dodgers on June 17th

2NE1’s CL is scheduled to throw the first ball for the LA Dodgers game.

LA Dodgers announced on its official Facebook page on May 15 (local date) that they will be holding a Korea Night 2015 at the Dodger Stadium in LA, United States. The ticketing opened with the announcement.

According to the announcement, before the game between LA Dodgers and Texas Rangers, CL will be coming up for the first throw. With this, YB Band will deliver some performances and events are scheduled afterwards for the Korea Night.

Last year for the same event, LA Dodger’s former player Park Chan Ho and MissA’s Suji were up for the first throw. Park did the throw on May 28 and Suji the next day. It attracted much attention as LA Dodger’s Ryu Hyun Jin, another South Korean baseballer, was the catcher for both throws.


evening adventures on foot

i live next to a very steep hill called reservoir street.  the top of the hill looks straight eastward towards dodgers stadium about a mile away as the crow flies.  i don’t follow baseball, but there have been many dodgers games lately and at night the lights of the stadium illuminate the whole area, as can be seen from the top of this hill.

descending the hill tonight, i crossed alvarado street and arrived in downtown echo park.  i passed through a bohemian used bookstore i really enjoy.

i collect books, and was practically foaming at the mouth when i first discovered this place. but tonight, i was just going to see if there were any events happening on the back patio.  some times there are book readings or signings or poetry readings and similar live events here.  this characteristic is what gives the place its rather unoriginal name: Stories.  it also has a cafe i haven’t tried.  i find out the next reading is on saturday, apparently, so i continued on my way.

i decided to go to Señor Fish the mexican taco restaurant on the corner of logan/west sunset blvd.  i think this place is new and i have been to Señor Fish in Pasadena and know they have hearty fish tacos. until recently, the windows were this gross brownish purple tinted glass covered with graffiti, but they got rid of the windows and replaced them with really nice natural stained wood-shutters that open and close.  pretty classy. and it really opens up the restaurant.

i sat down with my companion and we were kind of looking at the TV on the wall.  it was the dodgers vs. giants game happening, literally, a couple of blocks away.  i thought this was cool to be watching a game happening around the corner  and now i want to go to a game before the season ends.  but then i hesitate because baseball can be kind of boring to watch especially if you’re not hammered

what follows was kind of weird …

no one came to give us menus or take our order, yet there were two servers helping other people in the restaurant. fifteen minutes passed and no one came, even though it was pretty dead.

did they think we were homeless? 

we left without eating and walked about a mile down sunset towards silver lake to find a better restaurant.  what we found was incredible and i’m writing an entire review on it.  will post soon.  

ta ta

2NE1's CL to Throw First Pitch at LA Dodgers Baseball Game

2NE1’s CL to Throw First Pitch at LA Dodgers Baseball Game

On May 15, LA Dodgers posted on their official Facebook page of the news that “2015 Korea Night” will be opening on June 17 at Los Angeles, California, in Dodgers Stadium. They also announced their ticket sales for this event along with the news.

According to the post, 2NE1‘s CL will be up at the mound to throw the first pitch in the Dodgers versus Texas Rangersgame. In addition to the pitch, the…

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