School Essay

My happy place you ask?
I do not believe that I possess one of those.
Unless you qualify the dreams inside my head where I barricade myself from this world
The place where I disappear when I cannot withstand the horror of this existence
Is that what you refer to?
My visions that engulf my torment and taunt me with a life I will never own
That is as close to a happy place as I can envision
As my body succumbs to his merciless touch
I drift away to a life without him
To a place where I may someday long to be touched yet I still cannot picture that moment
Not even in my happy place
He has ruined that for me by making me a vacuous receptacle for his seed
A hole made for his pleasure
A lubricated orifice
My body for his desire of friction and suction
I am chained to this existence and bound to this brute that I call father
I am but a child, but he makes of me a woman before I am ready
My first kiss his
My first touch His
My first………..HIS
Will I ever long to be touched again?
Even in my happy place?
Even in my dreams?
Will I forever see my father’s face?
What is my happy place you ask?
I Do Not Have One!!!!!!!

By The VirtuousMiscreant

anonymous asked:

Interesting yet completely useless piece of information that I would also like Mrs Nolan's opinion on; in Disney, Prince Charming is actually Cinderella's husband and "The Prince" is the husband of Snow... who is actually 14.

That’s vaguely disturbing. 

Why? Why the hell’d they do that?


At the age of 12, Howard Dully was subjected to the unnecessary procedure of a lobotomy, thanks in part to his stepmother, who couldn’t handle a normal pre-teen boy. Dr. Walter Freeman claimed that Howard had childhood schizophrenia, when other doctors that have seen him never came to that diagnosis. It has taken Howard decades to recover from the surgery. He lived his life in institutions, he was incarcerated, homeless and even an alcoholic. He finally sobered up and got a college degree. He has since researched what happened to him and has even written his memoirs, with the help of Charles Flemming. He is now a talk show host on National Public Radio, where he speaks to other lobotomy victims.