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The Disney Fairytale Designer Collection sketches!

I found these images here!



Remember those character ear hat ornaments released last summer?They were so popular they were the inspiration for these new shoe ornaments with artwork created by Disney Design Group artists Cody Reynold sand Costa Alavezos. 

The shoes each measure approximately 3 inches long by 3.5 inches tall. All of them contain a removable ribbon attachment, which is perfect for those interested in displaying them year round. 

The details are magnificent, smart and beautiful; such as Mary Poppins’ parrot heel (like her umbrella handle), the playing cards inside the Queen of Hearts one, the bone heel in Jack Skellington’s, the shell in Ursula’s, Aurora’s crown and Ariel’s tail. What’s not to love, I want them all! You will be able to purchase them all starting this summer at the Disney store online.

Which one are you dying to get for yourself?

Source: Disney Parks Blog


Disney’s Designer Collections


Disney Fairytale Designer Collection

Just as the Disney Villains Designer collection last year and the Princesses Designer collection the year before that, this year a special collection of some royal disney couples.

It is expected to be officially announced late july and to feature the couples boxed together at a retail cost of around $130 per set.

The couples selected for this year’s release are Belle and Beast, Jasmine and Aladdin, Ariel and Eric, Rapunzel and Flynn and Snow White and Ferdinand. Others will be released next year.

What do you guys think about the images from this lithograph collection? I love them all, except for Ariel and Eric. It’s missing an UMPH for me, the other ones are really gorgeous and majestic. Your thoughts?



Check out how much merch frozen, alice in wonderland, beauty and the beast and the little mermaid has

compared to the others.

Some of us literally had to petition to get princess and the frog merch and there is 8 items.

Big hero 6 has 6 items and only one is designated on their site as for “females”.

Aladdin has 2 items.

Don’t bother going to their site looking for Mulan and Pocahontas Merch because THERE IS NONE!

“well what about the disney store?”

I checked into that!

Merch for disney princesses in Alphabetical order

As of 12/23/14

Ariel - 75

Aurora- 77

Belle- 62 

Cinderella -75

Jasmine - 38 (11 if you count items only for jasmine)

Merida -27

Mulan - 12

Pocahontas - 8

Rapunzel -64

Snow white -75

Tiana - 16

“what about frozen?”

Glad you asked.

153 items for frozen

“what about big hero 6?”

63 which isn’t bad to be honest .

But in reality the numbers do speak for themselves.

It’s pretty clear what the deal is.