Disney Cakes


Here they all are! The good, the bad, and the lovely, all compiled in one post. I’m so happy that I actually finished this! 

So here are twenty-four fandoms for the twenty-four days of December before Christmas. 

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas or amazing Holiday yesterday.


Cinderella cake with sugar figures! The flying birds and mice are making Cinderella’s cake in my version. It mimics the dress the mice are making her in the movie.

The birds defy gravity in this one. Pictures by Natasha Raichel Photography .


A Stitch and Angel wedding cake!

The bride wanted something elegant- but still fun! So I made the little bronzed medallion with a teeny rocket ship, lots of sugar flowers and topped with Stitch and Angel themselves.

Stitch and Angel are made from fondant and chocolate, and the flowers from gumpaste.

Disney wedding cakes are the most fun, ok.