Why So Many People Hate James Potter and Love Snape-Meta

So I’ve been mulling over lately why so many people hate James Potter, and here’s all I can think about: The movies literally erase every positive thing the dude did, show the worst thing he did, and never mention that he changed. (I’ll get to Snape in a minute)

  • For example, James becoming an Animagi and risking prison for Remus. Not to mention the books bring up that “Animagus transformations can go horribly wrong, which is why the Ministry keeps tabs on wizards attempting it.” Implying that he risked disfiguration for Remus.
  • James’ general loyalty to his friend is never brought up, such as Remus telling Harry in DH he’s “A lot like James” because James never would have believed a friend would betray him.
  • In GOF, Hagrid mentions that Harry did by surviving, giving witness, and bringing back Cedric “as much as James would have done.”
  • Harry has a line in the shrieking shack that he’s only saving Wormtail because “His dad wouldn’t have wanted his friends to become killers for Wormtail.”
  • The bullying scene with Snape is shown, but the movies do not show the scene with Remus and Sirius telling Harry that James changed
  • Although the movies do show James in the Order, his hatred of the Dark Arts is never mentioned. 

I’ve also been thinking about why people love Snape, and refuse to acknowledge his complexity as a character, and it hit me while I reread POA last week: Snape’s worst scenes are left out of the movies:

  • In the books, Snape tries to poison a 13 year old’s pet toad. 
  • His fascination with the Dark Arts is incredibly downplayed. 
  • The scene were Hermione’s teeth are enlarged, and Snape says “I see no difference” is left out. 
  • The Prince’s Tale totally leaves out the part where Snape tells Dumbledore he told Voldemort to spare Lily, but not Harry and James. The movies erased that he basically didn’t care about the fate of a baby. 

There so much more I could include, but I’m sure you get the gist–James’ character was assisinated in the films, and Snape’s was glorifed, doing both of those complex characters an exetreme injustice, either leaving them with no redeeming qualities, in James’ case, or downplaying flaws, in the case of Snape. Neither option allowing for rounded out characters.

nerdtasticami asked:

I can't fall asleep. Can you give me a headcanon I can obsess about until I eventually cry myself to sleep? Whether they are tears of joy or sorrow is totally up to you.

unfortunately I am way late but here’s what I’ve been thinking:

(I’m on mobile and can’t tag this so just beware it’s got some stuff to do with being burned and scars and stuff!! Yeah you guessed it, it’s yuma)

au where Yuma’s face was totally burned beyond recognition and the scars never left. His face is permanently disfigured. And it’s terrifying - little kids cry when they see him.

And after his face was burned, he went blind. His head isn’t quite where it used to be, so even when he’s at home, he’s constantly running into things and hitting his head. He’s got bruises all over and he gets headaches all the time. He can’t work in the garden because of his eyes. Ruki says that staying out of the sun will help his face heal, but of course he had no such luck. He can only sit around, agitated, with no outlet for his emotions. And he gets confused when people talk to him, because he has trouble recognizing voices and where they’re coming from. He feels useless.

With scars all over his face, Shu was able to make the connection that Yuma is his old friend Edgar pretty quickly.


Yuma lifted his empty eyes to the source of the noise, as if hoping to see something other than blackness. “Who’re you?”

The sound of footsteps coming towards him. The voice was low and disembodied - Yuma couldn’t make out the speaker or where they were standing. It irritated him, and made him horribly uneasy. “Do you recognize me?”

Do you recognize me? The question echoed in Yuma’s head. Before his brain had even made the connection that he could not possibly recognize this person, a flood of anger seemed to hit him in the chest. His fingers curled so tightly into fists that they shook. He wanted to hurt this person for their ignorance. And he grasped blindly for that person, and upon feeling the fabric of their shirt, he threw that person violently to the ground. He was on top of them soon afterwards, with his fist in the air ready to beat that person.

“Do I recognize you?! Is that some kind of sick fucking joke?! As if I would know who you are! I don’t know anything! I can’t recognize Ruki, or Kou, or Azusa, or anyone, so why would I recognize you? Huh?! How do you know me, anyway? Oh, I get it. A face like this is hard to fucking forget, huh?!” He brought his fist down as hard as he could, but he missed the person’s face and his knuckles cracked against the ground instead.

Yuma gasped in pain and clutched his injured hand to his chest. As he rubbed his knuckles to alleviate the pain, the person reached out and grabbed his wrist.

Their hand was cold, and their grip was steady. Yuma had never been able to get used to feeling lost without his sight, but this person’s hand rooted him to the ground. Due to the sudden pain in his hand and this person’s cool touch, Yuma’s rage subsided gradually.

“Edgar, is it really you…?”

The tension in Yuma’s hand lessened. He stared ahead, though his eyes saw nothing. “…Hey, tell me. Who’s Edgar…?”

“The Boy Who Was Born With Burnt Out Eyes”

The boy who was born with scabby burnt out eyes,
Hears his mom tell him he’s handsome, but it’s nothing but lies.
She shrieked when he was born, and tried to throw him away
But the boy followed her home, and since has been able to stay.

With no limbs and no nose, he often angrily feels shorted
Every Christmas he asks Santa if he can just be aborted.
But each year he wakes up, and wobbles down the stair
And doesn’t unwrap the gift of death, because Santa doesn’t care :’-/

His head is misshapened, with the puckered skin of a fish
Kids throw coins in his mouth, and then make a wish.
To stay cool in the summers, he secretes a radioactive blue ooze
And his existence was slammed by the local news.

No matter how bad it gets, he never stops and asks himself “why?”
And that’s because he’s a sissy, and the idea makes him cry.
The only logical conclusion is that he’s being punished for a past life
Where he cut the heads off of orphans, and punched his common-law wife.

So each night he dreams, as his mom locks him back up in his cage
That some day he can take advantage of all of this pent up rage.
It won’t be with this body, but he’ll make them all come unfurled…
He’ll just have to wait till his next life till he can murder the world.

Posted 9/27/2012

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Disfigured after a shotgun accident blew off half his face, Richard Lee Norris underwent one of the most complex face transplants in history, receiving teeth, a jaw and even a tongue from a donor.

The 36-hour hour operation was extremely controversial and Norris only had a 50 percent chance of survival but the result was not only a new life for him, but a groundbreaking new study for doctors learning to treat soldiers and other victims of severe facial injuries. (Source) 


The pictures above are of Raymond Robinson who was so badly injured in a childhood electrical accident. Since he was so disfigured he had to go out for long walks at night, because going out in the daytime was not even an option.

The Green Man or Charlie No-Face were just two of the names given to him, he was made into an urban legend and parents would tell their kids about him in hopes of scaring them from going out at night.

When the kids grew up they were shocked to discover he was a real person who was very much so liked by family and neighbors

Helping To Heal The Wounded Warriors!

Image BZ5464 (Casts from WWI Soldiers’ Mutilated Faces) 

These are casts made from the soldiers’ mutilated faces; the lower row shows the faces which Mrs. Ladd modeled on the foundation of the life mask with help of photographs taken before the wound was received. On the table are some of the final masks made to fit over the disfigured part of the face. Anna Coleman Watts Ladd was an American sculptor. In late 1917 she travelled to Paris and founded the American Red Cross “Studio for Portrait-Masks” to provide cosmetic masks to be worn by men who had been badly disfigured in World War I. Soldiers would come to Ladd’s studio to have a cast made of their face and their features sculpted onto clay or plasticine. This form was then used to construct the prosthetic piece from extremely thin galvanized copper. The metal was painted to resemble the recipient’s skin. Her services earned her the Légion d'Honneur Crois de Chevalier and the Serbian Order of Saint Sava. In 1936, Ladd retired with her husband to California, where she died in 1939 at the age of 60.

See images of the results of her work

© LOC / Science Source

1662. Gaspar Schott. “Physica Curiosa is a large compendium of pictures and stories regarding monsters, physical abnormalities, and bizarre animals. Rather than a work of original scholarship, Schott’s book, like many others of its kind, attempts to gather together as much as is commonly known on the topic. Therefore, many of the descriptions of animals and creatures repeat apochraphyl accounts as if they are fact, and perpetuate belief in unicorns, satyrs, and other mythical beings.”