I’m so addicted to this stuff that I get upset when I go into a store and they don’t have any and I have to get the regular Diet Coke. :-(  Ohh well as long as it’s not Pepsi

I thought it was time to do some recycling.

My football has been cancelled because the majority of the cunts who went, are far too busy drinking, clubbing and wanking their knacker boyfriends off to attend 2 hour long sessions of football training a week. I mean, talk about MURDERED.

2 WHOLE hours of training a week?! What was anyone thinking, expecting THAT much dedication from someone?

I’m pissed about it so I was out again this morning doing laps of a pitch and trying to practice my clearances and ball control. It was raining really heavily and I got soaked but the shower when I got in was deadly.

Baked bacon and a yogurt for breakfast.

I think I should get rid of my candy drawer and fill it with healthy shit like nuts and dried fruit, like it used to be full of!

Anyway, some weight training later, hope I can keep this going.

“hey where’s the cherry coke?”

“oh we dont have cherry coke, but we have diet cherry and cherry coke zero”

“do not mock me, sir”