Diamonds Remix

MUSIC MONDAY  || Listen here.

Hey guys! So this is a new project I’m trying out called Music Monday. Every Monday, I’m going to be posting a different playlist featuring new music I’ve discovered, some of my favorite songs at the moment, and of course every playlist will be tailored for the week it begins. 

This Week: Back to school. I start my spring semester today and although I know the majority of you have already started school, this is a playlist to help motivate you through these long first days. School can be hard and annoying, but having the opportunity to grow your mind and learn about the world around you truly is something to be thankful for. Here’s an upbeat playlist to help you remember that this week. 


1. One day (Vandaag) - Bakermat || This a really great electro meets jazz song and a great start for the playlist. Really inspirational and important lyrics to get you thinking about the world around you. 
2. Standing On the Sun - Beyonce
|| Nothing can make you feel fiercer than a little Beyonce. 
3. Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy
|| Classic rock anthem. The Elton feature is just the cherry on top. I particularly like this song and it makes me feel like I can do anything so I hope it makes you feel like that too. 
4. Drop the Game - Flume ft Chet Faker
|| I don’t think you can play this song and not feel sauve and fly as hell walking around. 
5. Tennis Court (Flume remix) - Lorde
|| Remix of a classic song I’m sure you’ve all heard. It’s important to look at things from different angles and experience life from different perspectives. Remember that.
6. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found - Cut Copy
|| This is the ultimate chill song. Play this while you’re doing your homework and I promise it’ll make it more bearable. 
7. Happy (Acoustic) - Marina and the Diamonds
|| I know school can be overwhelming and difficult sometimes, but don’t let it get you down. Just organize yourself and you can overcome I promise. Choose happiness. Listen to this one when you’re feeling down…or feeling up. Either way, I know you’ll be smiling by the end. 
8. One Girl Revolution - Superchick 
|| This a song to play as you strut through the hallways like the bad bitch that you are. This classic early 2000s pop gem really does exemplify fearlessness and confidence, aka two of the best qualities to ever possess.

Positive vibes and love your way,