Hi diabuddies!! I’ve mentioned before that I am currently interning at one of the leading cure-focused diabetes research centers in the world. The research I am doing is not related to what Dr. Gitelman is doing, but my research mentor did tell me about this and other trials that they are pursuing. We are so close to a cure, and when he told me all of the exciting trials and protocols they’re developing, I cried. So if you’re having a rough day or are burnt out or whatever, keep your head up because a cure is coming so so soon. Only a little bit longer guys!!!!!!!

Ok but can we diabetics talk about how little emphasis is placed on our mental health?

Like s/o to my physicians for teaching me different ways to stab myself with needles. Woulda been great if I was given the tools to deal with the internalized guilt and shame and eventual depression as well

It really fucks me off how no one dare make a joke about cancer or things like that but when it comes to diabetes I get jokes thrown at me left right and center, like seriously they’re both life threatening, they’re both horrible and massive burdens on someone’s life, so what makes it ok to joke about one but not the other? I’d like to see you live with it, piss off.

Yes sometimes it gets really crapy living with a chronic illness and yes more than half the time you wish it would just go away. But it doesn’t go away, and till they find a cure it never will, so instead of mourning over the loss of your once “perfect” life start living the life you are now given to face, because before you know it you’ll be old and wishing that you appreciated things a little bit more. It’s not the end of the world, it really isn’t. So many people go through it and they live, they’re happy. Stop being so fucking sad there’s no need to be, you’re still alive and that’s what matters you’re still breathing you can still do whatever the hell you want to do, no one is stopping you but yourself. Don’t think I’m just being a bitch that doesn’t understand because I DO understand I understand every bit of the suffering, but hey I don’t complain I’m still thankful for everything that I have, and I’d never ever swap my life to live a “normal” life, this is my “normal” it is our “normal” life so start by fucking living it the way you always wanted to live your life.


If you or people around you seem to be having an eating disorder or mental health issues please also get checked for diabetes. Somehow it seems they all may be related in some cases.