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i feel the writers should treat cas better and dean showing him some love, but i also think its annoying that some destiels shippers only make cas about dean, like please dont

Hmm… Look, I am saying this as a Cas girl, and not as a Destiel shipper. I’m putting the ship aside for your ask. Also, I fully agree that Cas deserves better.

Now I’m telling you; I absolutely don’t think that Cas’ entire existence should revolve around Dean. Not at all. I love Cas, and I don’t think he should just be there to be ‘part of a ship’ he’s worth a lot more than that. But here’s the thing; especially in season 10, the writers have made it oh so clear that Cas’ mission is Dean, several times. Dean, Dean, Dean. He puts Dean’s wellbeing before everything else, and throughout the entire season he’s oh so willing to sacrifice it all for Dean, many times.

And then we reach the end of the season, and after Cas has been beaten up by his ‘best friend’ for whom he would still give his life, there is no resolve whatsoever. Not even a tiny text or a voicemail that shows him that Dean is sorry, and that what he did to Cas was not okay. Look at other shows; any other show. A ‘cliffhanger’ between two characters supposedly this close wouldn’t have ended like that. There would’ve have at least been a decent talk to bring some closure, and to point out that this (friendly) relationship is in fact a thing, and that this is the reason why Cas keeps giving up so much for Dean. Perhaps a talk during which Cas is angry, or during which Dean is angry (because still under the influence of the mark), or even a talk that doesn’t make that everything is instantly all butterflies and rainbows again, but a talk nonetheless, because this is something that logically speaking, can’t be ignored on a show that already has this FEW regulars. It could’ve been a brief phone call even, but apparently Cas isn’t even worth that.

Which is the problem in a nutshell: Whenever it is about Cas, or his wellbeing, or his feelings, it is being entirely ignored on the show. Apparently neither Dean nor Sam hesitate to throw him under the bus when shit hits the fan, and apparently Cas isn’t even worth one last call before Dean decides to let it all go to shit.

And this brings us right back to my point: If the writers want to play that card; Cas being nothing but a tool to the Winchesters; okay. As a Team Free Will fan and a Destiel shipper, I don’t like it, but okay. It’s their story, they can write whatever they want.

But that doesn’t mean that a character such as Cas should be neglected and abandoned like that. You don’t want the boys to care about Cas? Okay. But give us some alternatives. I don’t care how, I’m not picky. Make Claire a regular. Or resurrect Gabriel or Balthazar, give Cas a brother that cares and sticks around, offer him his own Sam/Dean-like story arc. Or they could’ve kept Charlie alive and around, her joining Team Cas because they were clearly getting along.

I don’t WANT them to make Cas about Dean, but the problem is that they ARE making Cas about Dean, yet Cas never gets any acknowledgement for his trouble.

You don’t want this character to mean something to DaBrudders? Okay. But after 7 seasons, I think that in that case, he at least deserves some loved ones of his own, some people whom he can surround himself with and who care about him, and that he’s allowed to form a bond with on this show. After he got beaten up; if Dean doesn’t offer him comfort, if Sam doesn’t; okay. But it would be no more than normal for there to be someone else who does offer that comfort then, a small scene with the aftermath that acknowledges that Cas is hurt and has actual feelings.

So to get back to your ask, I think that it’s not so much that people only want Cas for Destiel, I think that it’s very much about Castiel all being ‘Dean Dean Dean Sam Sam Dean’ during this entire season, and him hardly getting a chance to do much outside of that (he’s dedicating his life to the brothers, expect for some blissful Claire moments), which forces us back to wanting him to at least get some (friendly) affection from Dean (or Sam), because they aren’t offering us any alternatives either. Claire was sent off again, Charlie died before they had a chance to get closer, and so on, and so forth.

I don’t think that most of us are ‘making’ him just about Dean, but the show basically keeps forcing us in that direction, even if we’re just talking ‘friendship’. 

Next time Cas sees Dean

“You summoned death to kill you and you didn’t tell me?”

“You didn’t even call to say goodbye?”

“Not even a text?”

“After you left my face like that?”

“And I ran around getting you forbidden fruit and calf gold and barister’s blood?”

“And did I mention I begged Crowley for help?”

“And you cooked for Death, you’ve never cooked for me!”

“And I get it, Sam’s your brother and you guys have been through a lot, but leaving me out in the cold like that …”

“Cas, please, stop, just, I know.”

“No, you don’t know Dean! You don’t know how much you mean to me and I must mean nothing to you.”

“Cas,” Dean looked away. “I couldn’t call you or text you or tell you in person because when I see you all I hear in my head is ‘take’, ‘have’, 'claim’, 'ravish’ and 'gorge’. And that’s not the mark talking, I couldn’t take the chance, you make me want to live, you’d make me want a life with you.”

“And you can’t have that because you are Dean Fucking Winchester and you can’t be happy.”


“Fucking get over yourself, Dean, you are my fucking Winchester now.”


Vidder Codra Foymal has an interesting idea: What if Rowena looked back into Castiel’s thoughts on love?