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Sometimes in Supernatural you forget...
  • That angels and demons see each others real faces.
  • At one point Sam had short hair.
  • Sam is a reborn virgin.
  • Dean was a vampire.
  • Castiel is basically related to all the angels he kills.
  • Crowely had a son.
  • Sam magically has wifi everywhere.
  • Its a show and realize they wont have scars.
  • Dean is the best with kids.

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Prompt: Kiss Cam fluff! Cas is on a date (with not Dean) when the kiss cam lands on him and said date. Date is a dick. Dean being the hero he is, decides to kiss the poor guy. Because the date was an idiot not too. Embarrassed!Cas


Castiel sighs, pushing through the crowd. He still doesn’t know how Gabriel talked him into this. Michael was good-looking, sure, but they had exchanged maybe all of ten words so far. At least on Castiel’s part. He had just sat through a dinner where Michael was oh-so-generous as to boast (very loudly) about his career, and the expensive trips he takes, and all of the deals he closes, because he’s a closer, Castiel, he’s a no nonsense kinda guy, and he gets what he wants, and blah blah blah…

Castiel had tuned out somewhere between the salad and his hamburger.

"Oh—sorry, whoops—”

“Whoa, careful.”

Castiel was struggling to follow Michael towards their seats, managing to trip over everyone’s legs on the way there. Asshole was on yet another phone call, and of course didn’t notice when Castiel practically fell in the lap of the guy in the seat next to his.

Castiel blinks, finding himself inches away from surprised green eyes, nearly crossed as he tries to look at what collapsed on top of him.

He scrambles up.

"My apologies, I—”

“No—no worries, dude. You’re good.”

The man helps him back on his feet and gives him a shy smile. Castiel’s cheeks flush. 

Oh no.

"Not used to these narrow aisles," he mumbles lamely, finally sinking into his seat without further accident.

The guy laughs. 

"Yeah? You not a hockey fan?"

The seat on the opposite side of his is empty, so maybe he’s here alone. Castiel stupidly finds himself hoping he is.

No. You’re on a date, dammit.

Castiel shakes his head.

"Oh no, I am—just never been to a game before."

The guy raises an eyebrow.

"Well, believe me. You’re in for a treat."

Castiel bites his lip, fighting his smile. The guy quickly coughs and looks away, his cheeks slightly pink.

Castiel hastily looks away too, and decides to focus on the ice, so he’s not tempted to ogle the man next to him. The players are out for their pre-game warmup, and Castiel watches as the players do lazy loops around the goal, shooting on the net.

He taps his fingers together, glancing to his right. Michael is still chattering away, completely oblivious. Castiel rolls his eyes.

"So you, uh…you with him?"

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Some High School or College AU’s begging to be written

  • "If you’re an asshole and you know it clap your hands."  
    *clap, clap*  
    "Oh, hey, my name is c/n; let’s be assholes together” AU
  • "Can I borrow your calculator?"
    "Uh, yeah, sure."
    "Dude, uh, why are there a bunch of sentences about dicks written into your calculator?"
    *grumbles*  ”I’m going to kill c/sibling AU
  • "Do you have gum?"
    "No" *continues work*
    "Do you have gum?"
    "No" *continues work*
    "Do you have gum?"
    "Fine, yes" *continues work*
    *waits 5 min* “Where’s my gum?”
    *looks up* “I don’t actually have any I just said yes to shut you up.” AU
  • "Hey, do you have any post-its?"
    "Uh, yeah." *rifles through backpack* "Here"
    *places sticky notes all over the desk and chair and books*
    "What are you doing? I thought you needed like one post-it as a bookmark. Give me those back!"
    "Well, you thought wrong." *sticks post-it on person’s forehead* *hands back the rest of the sticky notes* AU
  • "Could you watch my stuff for a minute?"
    "Uh, yeah, sure."
    *goes to the bathroom* *returns to see the person hanging up on the phone*
    "Dude, that’s my phone."
    "It was ringing constantly and disturbing others." *goes back to text book reading* "Oh, your mother says hi." AU
  • "Hey, pool table.  You play?"
    "Not really.  I mean, I-"
    *whispers* “Wasn’t really a question. I don’t want to deal with my ex who just came in.  Come play with me.”
    "Oh, okay"
    *both proceed to have an awesome time and someone, probably the ex, gets hit with a pool cue* AU

[Are these prompts?  Are they AUs? Are they ficlets?  I dunno, you decide]
{I see some of these as like little fan comics - like the gum one (>~<  )}
[Make sure to tag me if you post one… I WANT TO READ IT! *satanized grabby hands*]


"Real love isn’t brains, children. It’s blood. It’s blood screaming inside you to work its will." 

Actual conversation between me and my mother.

Mom: his a fag right? *points to the TV*

Me: ….yeah.

A pause.

Me: do you have to say fag? people don’t like to be called that.

mom stares at me in shock.

Mom: really? My god, I didn’t know. I will never say it again, I’m sorry.


Mom: what should I say?

Me: Gay, homosexual.

Mom: alright.

My mom is in her 40s and for her that was that. Just because you grow up with a different word or that not many people were openly gay before doesn’t mean you can just keep living in the past.

The world is changing, people who doesn’t accept that can just go to hell.