My name is MISTY….. I am 22 years old and recently on HRT………. homeless and looking for a safe place to crash at night……. in college, but have legal issues most people do not understand/agree with……….. prefer to room with female who can understand the hardships of life for me right now…….not asking for money or food, but i will not refuse either if offered………………………….. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


August 26 1964 - George & Paul in a car enroute to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver Colorado looking out the window while a surprised fan peers out her car window at them. What strikes me from this photo is how it would feel to be her & seeing your favorite Beatle in the next car!! Can you imagine that feeling?? I have no clue what I would do except, maybe scream my lungs out. It also looks like a yucky, gloomy, rainy day there & I’m sure the guys are feeling tired too yet I’m sure at the same time, they are curious about this female fan. This is a really cool photo taken by photographer Curt Gunther.

im not quite sure what ocs u wanted me to doodle but here u go some fresh stress relief art

also i feel like daniel the sheep wouldnt like any of them at all but the bear is like hell yeah !!! hell fucking yeah !!! nEW FRIENDs!!!!!!!!!!

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I was apart of a peaceful protest tonight in denver and fell victim to what I believe to be tear gas. This was the worst pain of my life. Never would I have thought this would happen to me or tonight at all. I never realized just how painful this is. I could not open my eyes for about 40 minutes and had to pour milk in my eyes the whole time. It’s hours later and parts of me still burn. But you know what? I would do it all over again if it means change. There is a huge problem going on in this justice system and it needs to be heard. NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE

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