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10.000 antifascists march in Athens where Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by neonazis 1 year ago

From Indonesia with love : “SAVE PALESTINE, SAVE GAZA!”

Taken at Bundaran HI, Jakarta - Friday, July 11th 2014.

Watch the full video here : Pro Palestine Rally in Jakarta


I did a demo and showed a certain pipeline in Adobe Flash and After Effects to a few folks. The tie downs for this one is really bad since I had to rush it. No model sheet was used, I basically just improvised for this one - so you’ll notice the character changing all the time. I decided to go with a “cowboy during a duel” excercise for this one.
1. Rough Pass - Rough poses with select breakdowns
2. Tie down - Tied down drawings with inbetween
3. Color - Color and after effects


Ever heard of quantum locking? That’s the crazy demo you see above.

Curious scientist Boaz Almog is making an extremely cold superconductor (that super-thin disk) hover — dead still — above a magnet. And like a mad scientist’s version of Hot Wheels, he’s pushing it into a frictionless dash around and around a magnetic track.

See, superconductors are unique in two ways: They allow electrical currents to pass through without friction, and they hate magnetic fields. Once a material is in a state of superconductivity — which comes from being very, very cold — it tries to stay in that state.

So when you put it over a magnet, the superconductor locks in place to prevent any strands of magnetic field from moving around inside it and generating heat. And if you put it over a circular magnetic loop and give it a gentle nudge, it gets locked in a mesmerizing loop.

Pretty cool. No pun intended. Watch the full demonstration »


Madrid (Spain)

Yesterday one thousand antifascists held a demonstration against a neonazi squat at the working class and multi-ethnic neighborhood of Tetuan (Madrid). As usual, policemen protected neonazis of being smashed by the angry people of the hood.

They shall not pass!!!!!!