Hayley Williams: “There’s been a slight delay on album 4, but we’ve finally wrapped everything up and I think we’re finally happy with the result.”

Taylor York: “Some of you may be really confused right now. You see, I’ve become a car. It was a freak accident and Josh was not involved. But we’re totally past Josh not being involved now and we’re getting on with our lives after he definitely did not somehow turn me into a car.”

Jeremy Davis: “I feel that as a band, we’ve really grown over the past few months especially since the incident. This artwork somewhat reflects that growth as a unit.” 

T: “I’m sure the confusion hasn’t really passed yet, so in the meantime, we’ll give you the tracklisting, so that you can think it over.”

J: “It’s somewhat of a concept album based on our feelings over the past few months.”

H: “Our new image may shock you, but it’s still the Paramore you know and love, we’re sure that you’ll love the new tunes we’ve recorded.”

Pimpin’ - Tracklisting (Release date to be announced soon)

1. Rollin’ With Da Homies (Punishin’)
2. Cars (Put Your Handz Up!)
3. Tunes From The Road (How Much High Can You Get?)
4. Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ (Give Me My Money!)
5. Big Red Car (The Wiggles Cover) [Feat. Nicki Minaj]
6. Pimpin’ 
7. Trippin’ on Shrooms (Where Am I?)
8. Gangsta Homeboy Dance Spectacular [Part 1]
9. Interlude (J&T’s Rap Battle)
10. Gangsta Homeboy Dance Spectacular [Part 2]
11. This Is Not The Final Track (Gotta Have That ‘tude)
12. Can’t Stop Driving (But I’m Too Drunk To Care)
13. Petrol In Your Insides (Drugs And Sh*t)
14. Freeways and Highways (F*ck The Police!)
15. Gangsta Homeboy Dance Spectacular [Reprise]
16. Can You Feel The Beat? (Turn Up The Stereo)