E così vorresti fare lo scrittore?
Se non ti esplode dentro
a dispetto di tutto,
non farlo
a meno che non ti venga dritto
dal cuore e dalla mente e dalla bocca
e dalle viscere,
non farlo.

se devi startene seduto per ore
a fissare lo schermo del computer
o curvo sulla macchina da scrivere
alla ricerca delle parole,
non farlo.

se lo fai solo per soldi o per fama,
non farlo
se lo fai perchè vuoi
delle donne nel letto,
non farlo.

Se devi startene lì a
scrivere e riscrivere,
non farlo.
se è già una fatica il solo pensiero di farlo,
non farlo.
se stai cercando di scrivere come qualcun altro,
lascia perdere.

se devi aspettare che ti esca come un ruggito,
allora aspetta pazientemente.
se non ti esce mai come un ruggito,
fai qualcos'altro
se prima devi leggerlo a tua moglie
o alla tua ragazza o al tuo ragazzo
o ai tuoi genitori o comunque a qualcuno,
non sei pronto.

non essere come tanti scrittori,
non essere come tutte quelle migliaia di
persone che si definiscono scrittori,
non essere monotono o noioso e
pretenzioso, non farti consumare dall'autocompiacimento

le biblioteche del mondo
hanno sbadigliato
fino ad addormentarsi per tipi come te
non aggiungerti a loro
non farlo
a meno che non ti esca
dall'anima come un razzo,
a meno che lo star fermo
non ti porti alla follia o
al suicidio o all'omicidio,
non farlo
a meno che il sole dentro di te stia
bruciandoti le viscere,
non farlo.
quando sarà veramente il momento,
e se sei predestinato,
si farà da sè e continuerà finchè tu morirai o morirà in te.

non c'è altro modo
e non c'è mai stato.

—  Charles Bukowski

                            The WNBA deserves more popularity 

When the NBA approved the creation of a new professional basketball league for women (WNBA) in 1996, a lot of hype & excitement was made from it, because the women could finally have a pro league of their own. The league started with eight teams, four in the eastern conference & four in the western conference. Players such as; Lisa Leslie, Sheryl Swoops, Rebecca Lobo, & Cynthia Cooper led the leagues early popularity. The Houston Comets & LA Sparks dominated the league early on the Comets winning the first four championships of the leagues existence, while the Sparks won back to back in 01 & 02. After the leagues first few glory years many people started to lose interest in the league. Over the years the WNBA only averages around 7,000 fans per game, compared to over 17,000 for the NBA. Many teams folded in the league because of lack of attendance/financial problems including the four time champs Houston Comets, Charlotte Sting, Sacramento Monarchs & many more. Magic Johnson had to step in & buy one of the leagues most storied franchises the LA Sparks so they wouldn’t fold. The NBA has to financially support the league, because they lose money/revenue every single season. The rookie minimum for WNBA players is only $35,000 per season, the average player in the league makes around $72,000 while the most any WNBA player has ever made in a season was only $100,000. The NBA minimum salary is way higher at almost $500,000 per season, while the average NBA player makes over 5 million dollars a year, most WNBA players won’t make that their whole careers. With the pay being so low most WNBA players have to go play in other countries for a more respectable salary. There is only one millionaire in the WNBA “Candace Parker” mainly because of her lucrative deals with Gatorade & Adidas. The players don’t receive the respect that they should, the average person probably couldn’t name ten players in the whole twelve team league. Any true basketball fan should enjoy watching the WNBA, these women are just as talented as most men. Just because they might not dunk or do the fancy crossovers shouldn’t take anything away from them, They haven’t even had their own video game yet. The league has many great/entertaining players such as; Candace Parker, Maya Moore, Skylar Diggins, Elena Delle Donne, Brittney Griner, Diana Taurasi, Angel Mccoughtry, Seimone Augustus & many more. The Minnesota Lynx are currently the most dominate team in the league winning multiple championships. Sky Digg, Candace Parker, Maya Moore, & Elene Delle Donne are the most marketable & recognizable players. The WNBA is shown a few times a week on ESPN 2 & NBA TV, i would encourage any passionate basketball fan to watch, because they deserve our support just as much. The WNBA is a fascinating & fun league to watch!; They deserve much more support & appreciation!. 


WNBA: Elena Delle Donne’s Amazing Game Winner! (by NBA)

WNBA Draft 2013!!!

1,2,3 right to left.

Brittney Griner goes #1 headed to Phoenix Mercury to help them return to the playoffs and possible make them a championship caliber team again. With Griner in the middle, Samantha Prahalis as this distributor and Diana Taurasi on the wing this team will be dangerous!

Elena Delle Donne is #2 headed to the Chicago Sky to take the pressure off of Slyvia Fowles and possibly help them make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. 

Skylar Diggins is #3 headed to the Tulsa Shock with these team there is no where to go but up and I believe with Diggins and Wiggins in the back court they will have a double digit winning season as well as their first playoff berth.

The rest of the board will be posted after the draft is complete.



Griner, Delle Donne and Diggins dealt with bullies

I thought this would be cool to share. This a story by Doug Feinberg (AP basketball writer)

NEW YORK (AP) – Before they were college basketball stars and the future of the WNBA, Brittney Griner, Skylar Diggins and Elena Delle Donne had something else in common: They were all bullied when they were kids.
The top three picks in the WNBA draft talked to The Associated Press about a variety of topics Wednesday, including how standing out in a crowd wasn’t always easy.
“It was hard. Just being picked on for being different. Just being bigger, my sexuality, everything,” said the 6-foot-8 Griner, who acknowledged she is a lesbian. “I overcame it and got over it. Definitely something that I am very passionate about. I want to work with kids and bring recognition to the problem, especially with the LGBT community.”
Delle Donne, who is 6-5, said she was also picked on when she was younger. Not just for her size, but also because of her older sister Lizzie, who is deaf, blind and has cerebral palsy.
“Being way taller than the other girls, they’d make fun of me,” Delle Donne said. “Issues with my sister that you wouldn’t believe. People saying she looked like a monster. It was so hurtful.”
Diggins said girls are cruel and would make fun of her for “whatever it was that day.”
The Notre Dame star, who stands at a more pedestrian 5-foot-9, said she used to want to go back at those people who would verbally attack her, but really learned a lot from the way Griner has dealt with the negativity surrounding her.
“I don’t think anyone has handled it better than Brittney,” Diggins said. “It’s great to see how she handles herself in this situation. People are cruel. She handles every situation with such class and it’s inspiring and she’s taught me some things about when people say bad things. She’s a poster child for how to handle criticism.”
Delle Donne remembers first meeting Griner at an All-America ceremony.
“We were all sitting there and no one was talking to each other and then Brittney comes bounding in and broke the ice with everyone just being herself.”
The trio have become friends over the course of the season, tweeting and texting to each other.
Griner joked they aren’t “getting together for movies or alligator tails in Waco,” but have developed a kinship. Rooting for each other over the course of the season and consoling when their college careers ended.
“I hadn’t felt that way any other year,” Diggins said. “I’d see them play and go, ‘Wow, she got fouled. That’s not right.”’
Griner admitted also cheering for the other two during the season.
“People act like we shouldn’t root each other on,” the two-time AP Player of the Year said. “Why not? Why do I have to hope they fail, I want them to make it all the way. When we meet on the court we put aside friendship and then when the game’s over, we can joke around again.”
Diggins has big plans for the trio and hopes they can play together in the 2016 Rio Olympics in a proposed 3-on-3 basketball event. Sure, the IOC Executive board first has to approve the event on Aug. 9, but to Diggins that’s just a formality.
“Think about how much attention it would draw, the three of us playing together in the first one,” Diggins said. “It would be such a great honor. We would win. We would definitely win.”


Les Anarchistes: Tamurriata delle Mondine

This song combines Bella Ciao, a partisan song based off a work song originally sung by female rice pickers in Northern Italy, with the Tammurriata, a dance typically devoted to the Madonna, but which has widespread use in Southern Italy, particularly in Campania.

Buon 25 Aprile