Arthur Ashe Courage Award

The ESPY Awards Honored Michael Sam Last Night With The Arthur Ashe Courage Award. His Acceptance Speech Was Truly Amazing

Watch The Entire Video. It Demonstrates How Much Coming Out Encourages Others.

Way To Go, Bro!


Like Any Other Couple

I’m Still On A High From The St. Louis Ram’s Pick Of Michael Sam In The NFL Draft On Saturday Night. His Reaction In The Moment He Realized That He Was Achieving His Dream Was Priceless! Sharing The Moment With Michael Sam Was Vito Cammisano, His Boyfriend, A Fellow Mizzou Athlete, Who Came Out While On The Swim Team For The School. Vito’s Support For Michael Was Evident, As ESPN Covered The Moment Of Michael’s Draft. The Couple, As Any Other Straight Or Gay Couple Do, Embraced And Kissed, Enjoying The Moment Of A Partner’s Good Fortune. 

Their Open Show Of Affection For Each Other Was Spontaneous, Genuine, And Natural. And It Was As Groundbreaking As Michael Sam’s Draft As An Openly Gay Athlete In The NFL. Unfortunately, As Is All Too Common On Social Media, There Are Those Who Need To Vent Mean-Spirited Thoughts In Comments. Shame On Them! But Such Comments, More Often Than Not, Spring From Deep-Seated Self-Loathing, So It Is Best To Ignore Them!

Bravo, Once Again, To Michael Sam!

Bravo Too, To Vito Cammisano!

Best Wishes To Michael In His NFL Career.

And Best Wishes To You Both No Matter Where Your Future Takes You!

Go Rams!


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I thought you said this place was just sand.

Sand has its virtues. On sand nothing is fixed. Nothing is permanent. Fates change so quickly.


Heavy In Your Arms - This Killing Time

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[previous part: Over the Waterfall

[chapter I: Only To Condemn] [chapter II: Both Your Heart And Mine] [chapter III: This Killing Time] [chapter IV: here]

Note: you do not have to read the entire series to understand this part, although if you’re not up to date on the series you might be kind of confused by Emperor Tavros and Religious Leader Karkat and the fracas of Gamzee and Eridan’s backstories…

Regardless of the rest of the series, though, I would read Over the Waterfall, for important context. :) 

Chapter 4: Strong Enough To Stand

There are coldbloods in the crowd.  You should’ve been expecting that, but you still can’t get used to the idea there are people who care this is happening.

Fuck, if it comes to that you still can’t believe that this is happening at all.

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I’m sorry but taken out of context this really looks like Cas’ spent an ungodly amount of time redecorating their cabin and all Dean’s got to say when he’s back is


…why pink???

Pop-punk is for pudgy self-haters. Hardcore sucks worse than it did 10 years ago, which seemed impossible at the time. Punk is now Green Day. Indie rock is the new Ke$ha. Chillwave is for former swoop-hair kids who’ve aged out of their scene. Shoegaze is the new jazz music, meaning people only pretend to like it. Bands with earnest, gruff vocals are the new swoop-hairbands. Everything you like really truly sucks.

Do you know what all the sentences above have in common? Besides the fact that they’re true, I mean. Can’t guess? OK, here’s what links those ideas:

You shouldn’t care. You shouldn’t validate them by arguing. You should ignore them completely.

There’s only one thing worse in this whole world than a misguided nerd, and that’s an apologetic one. You like what you like. You should always be looking to expand your palate but, at the end of the day, you can’t force it.

If you’re into Saves The Day, you’re into it. There’s no need to put on airs or dress it up. And if you like ignorant mosh music, it’s just part of your DNA. You’ll probably always like it. Don’t hide your Hatebreed lyric tattoos. Maybe you still dye your hair colors not found in nature. Don’t hide your Mindless Self Indulgence tattoo. Or that ICP hatchetman logo on your ankle.

Here’s the thing. As lame as everything I listed at the beginning of this essay is, the stuff people believe to be cool is just as corny. Hardcore kids want to be indie rockers; indie rockers want to be house DJs. Someone put it in their heads that they should always be chasing cool. It’s all a crock. There is no “cool.” It just doesn’t exist. Chasing it makes you uncomfortable in your own skin and paints you as an insecure clown to the rest of the world.

I’m confident everything you like sucks. I know it. But there is not a reason in the world you should care about my opinion. There’s no reason you should value ANY person’s opinion over what your ears tell you. Never change for the guy at the record store, the geek in a popular band, or some faceless blog. Don’t bother defending your position. Just like what you like.

-Patrick Kindlon


A Trailblazer…"I Am Michael Sam, I’m a College Graduate, I’m An African-American, and I’m Gay."

In A New York Times’ Article, Michael Sam, A Defensive End For The University of Missouri, Who will Likely Be Drafted Into The NFL, Has Come Out Of The Closet!

This Is Big News!!

You Owned Your Story, Michael! You Are Very Courageous! You Possess The Maturity To Accept Yourself! You Have The Respect Of Teammates, Family, And Friends! You Have The Talent And Ability To Succeed In The NFL! And You Will Inspire Many Others!

"Openly Proud Gay Man."

I’m Not Afraid Of Who I Am.”

"I Am Michael Sam, I’m a College Graduate, I’m An African-American, and I’m Gay."

You Are A True Sports Stud, Sir!

Thank You!

Composite Character
  • Composite Character
  • End Of A Year
  • You Are Beneath Me

End of a Year (Self Defense Family) - Composite Character

To best understand the material:

work part time,

make less than $20,000 a year,

grow your hair out,

live under constant threat of eviction,

wait until your bills arrive in pink envelopes before paying them,

have a pregnancy scare,

have highly personal and easily misunderstood goals,

maintain a healthy body weight,

always have a scheme or a poorly thought out plan,

wake after nine but before noon,

have roommates regardless of your age,

be a success sexually but remember your failures,

understand the world wasn’t made for you,

understand your parents are just people and be nice unless they unmarry,

understand sexual partners know you better than your friends and treat them warmly,

have definite opinions but understand the world does not care,

judge people on how they will feature in D&D campaign,

love animals,

do not treat retarded people like lepers,

really don’t treat lepers like lepers,

be kind to people,

listen to Renee and Angela,

do not be afraid of other people’s opinions,

understand art has a context and don’t dismiss things outright,

don’t resent people with money,

don’t be married,

do not have children,

avoid hard drugs, they make you talk too loud and that’s annoying,

understand people have the right to be tasteless,

approach doors with confidence and not fear,

attach yourself to people who are funny, distance yourself from uptight squares,

embrace the media,

try new things.