I’m from Tabasco, living in Puebla and studying graphic design!!! My family is mostly from Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, but also from Yucatán! Cinco de Mayo has never been an important holiday in the south (where I’m from) but apparently it sort of is here in puebla and also in america. Treat our culture and our people with respect, if you’re benefiting from our culture and our holidays, thats the least you could do!


I’ve been delaying this post for some time now because I’m a bit nervous. Happy Cinco de Mayo! A lot of people think I am white because of my not-so dark skin, and I don’t look much like my family! Somewhere in my family tree there is a married European and Mexican couple, so I am a criolla. Haha… I seem to be the only one who got the light skin though. My family is coming over soon for our Cinco de Mayo dinner, so I hope you guys have a pretty rest of the day!

No quería publicar esto porque estoy un poco nerviosa. ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Mucha gente piensa que soy gringa porque tengo piel un poco pálida, ¡y casi no me veo nada como mi familia! Alguien en mi familia hace años se caso con un(a) Europe@, entonces soy criolla. Jaja… Pero soy la única que tiene la piel blanca. Ya viene mi familia para nuestra cena del Cinco de Mayo, ¡entonces espero que tengan un bonito resto de sus días!

Cinco de Mayo

We’ve been trying to teach the Bean some Spanish basics (colors, numbers,animals), so I thought it would be good to teach him a little about Cinco de Mayo. So this morning I tried to teach him about the battle of Puebla. He was kind of in and out of paying attention, but at least I tried.

Fast forward to this evening, we’re having nachos for dinner (cause ‘Mericans) and I mixed up a little tamarindo. And after he said grace, the Bean says tongith we’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo which is about the big French army and how they tried to fight the little Mexican army. And the little army had less people and less weapons but hey still fought and won even though the big army didn’t think they could. It’s amazing how much that kid is paying attention when I think he’s spaced out on me.


this will forever be jeremy’s best phantom vine

  • Regina:Guys! I just found out that Marian has actually been my sister this whole time!
  • Charming:Sure, OK. So what's the plan?
  • Regina:What. That's it? That's all the reaction you're going to give?
  • Charming:Regina, think about the past three years. Henry was Pan. Pan was Henry. Cora was Lancelot. Gold was Hook. You were in Snow for, like, two minutes the other day. If you suddenly morphed into the Blue Fairy midway through this conversation, I'd just shrug and keep talking.

“You could dispatch the Prince of Conde permanently. It comes with a caveat… a few men would have to die.” - Narcisse and Catherine in the Reign 2x19 ‘Abandoned’ promo

Two things that should actually piss off Dullena stans...

When Damon didn’t take the ascendant from Bonnie

1.) It just showed he still doesn’t respect Elena’s choice. Damon is so selfish, he has the option of giving the person he supposedly loves the most the one thing she really wants: a human life but once again its all about him and not her

2.) When faced with Bonnie telling him to choose trading the ascendant for the cure or putting Bonnie’s life in danger he actually also chose Bonnie’s safety over the cure.

But then again this would mean Dullena stans actually thinking logically and we all know logic is lost on them and their cult leader Plec.

“The Chicano Movement brought Cinco de Mayo and the Battle of Puebla back into the popular imagination of Mexican-Americans and Chicanos as a David and Goliath type story to inspire those involved in el movimiento to continue the struggle. The gist of the story was this: sometimes the underdog wins.”

“And yes, the origin of Cinco de Mayo is a celebration; a celebration that has probably always included drinking and dancing. Que esta bien. But just like the Fourth of July, there’s more to Cinco de Mayo than drinking, eating and celebrating. Even with all the eating of hot dogs and hamburgers, drinking and fireworks, we never lose sight of the fact that American Independence Day is ultimately about freedom. And blood was shed for that freedom.”

The real question isn’t whether or not Emma will or won’t go dark, but how many other people are going to manipulate Belle to get what they want? That poor woman. I just don’t understand it. She’s so mistreated. Sigh…

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