Days of Future Past

Pietro x Reader x Peter - Sweet Tooth

Title: Sweet Tooth

Fandom: Days of Future Past, The Avengers (Age of Ultron)

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) x Reader x Pietro/Peter (DoFP)

Characters: Pietro Maximoff (AoU), Pietro/Peter (DoFP), Reader

Ratings: T for slight innuendo.

Notes: Sequel to

Tarte Tatin had become somewhat of a banned dessert, ever since that little run to the cafe.

Now all Pietro wants to do in the afternoon is take you out to some reclusive restaurant, but always with a package of that dessert behind his back.

It comes to the point where you have to intervene with a new dessert, one that’s even older than Tarte Tatin.

“That smells heavenly.”

You smile. “Thanks, Pie. It’s my first time at making this stuff.”

“Well, you could have tricked me.” He swirls his finger on the rim of your bowl, scooping up the golden brown contents, and licks it. “Delicious. Just like in Sokovia.”

“You had Russian toffee in HYDRA?”

His face hardens. “No. My mother bought some for our ninth birthday.”

Just a year before she died. You don’t say anything, quietly pouring the liquid into a saucepan. The silence in the room vibrates on its edges, just like the creamy substance now simmering on the stove.

It’s amusing to see the speedster wait for the dessert. He’s fidgeting his fingers, leaning back on his chair until it’s teetering on the edge of falling backwards.

“Pietro, stop doing that, please, you’re making me jumpy.”

“Ah, so you do care for me.”

A quarter of an hour passes before you pour the dish out on a flat baking pan, and it doesn’t take long for the stuff to harden. You cut the toffee into even squares, breathing in their fragrant scent.

Pietro reaches for a square, only to be met with a slap of your hand.

“Bad boy. Wait until the toffee’s cooled enough, and then you can get your treat.”

His face could have been one who’s just been told they’d been banned from eating altogether.

“But I can’t wait! You know that is not one of my strongest suits.”

“Well, not everything goes as fast as you, Hedgehog.”


“Nothing!” you sing, turning back to the toffee to put it in the fridge.

He frowns, then smirks.

“Well, that’s not the only thing I’ll be planning to eat right up.”

The pan nearly crashes on your feet.


“So, I hear that you made Sonic his own dessert.”

“Peter, if I made one for you, you’d be on a sugar rush, and then where would we be?”

“Jerk.” the young boy pouts.

Ever since a party of strange mutants landed on the doorstep of Avengers Tower - seeking the help of one Bruce Banner and one Tony Stark - you’d had your hands full of trying to handle another fast runner.

As if this place hadn’t had its fill of roadrunners already.

“Well,” you sigh, and Peter pounces on your expression knowing he’s won.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes! (y/n), thank you, I could just-”

“-be quiet and let me do the work?”

He smirks. “I was going to say I could just kiss you right now, but I guess you wouldn’t want it.”

You roll your eyes, and set to work in the kitchen.

“Would you object to a gelatin dessert?”

“Would I want anything more?”

You busy yourself with cutting blackberry gelatin and boiling it on the stove, pouring water here and there, and set it in the freezer for cooling.

You save the whipped cream canister as soon as you open the fridge, snatching it out of reach before the hyperactive teen could get his grabby hands on it.

“No.” you firmly say when you’re met with puppy dog eyes.


“I don’t want to be cleaning the floor from you putting too much whipped cream in your mouth. Now you’re going to have to wait.”

“Eh, whatever. I’m bored now, anyway, I’ll go bother Logan.”

Just before he goes, he plants one quick peck on your cheeks before zooming away. “Thanks.”

You have to steady yourself against the counter to focus.


Pietro ambles into the kitchen before he sees you, taking out the toffee from the fridge.

In an instant, he’s dragging up a chair to sit at the table.

“I can tell this will be amazing.”

“You haven’t even eaten yet!”

“What does it matter? Everything you do seems to be nothing short of miraculous.” He winks, causing a flush to rise up in your cheeks.

It’s quickly dissolved when you see Peter walk into the door.

“Hey, (y/n)! I just wanted to see if the gel…” He trails off, seeing you and Pietro sitting at the table. “On second thought, maybe I’m interrupting something. I’ll leave a message.”

“No, no, sit down!” you urge him, waving your hand over to the table. “I’ll get the gelatin out, don’t worry, it must be just about done.”

“You made him a dessert as well?” Pietro asks, a foreign tone now laced to his accent. You see him shoot daggers at the other speedster for some reason as you get up.

“He asked.”

“What, can’t I request something from her too?” Peter answers, sounding surprisingly hostile.

“At least I have the manners not to beg pathetically.”

“Well, you can just…”

“Hey!” you bark, poking your head out of the fridge. “I better not hear anymore of that talk, or I’m throwing both your desserts out the window!”

They both settle for a sulky quietness, whilst you get out the plates. It’s not until the food passes their mouths that talk starts again.

“See? Did I not tell you that this was going to be spectacular?”

“You’re too sweet on me, Pietro.” You kiss him on the forehead in thanks.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see him shooting a smug grin at the kleptomaniac sitting across from him, who’s sitting stony-faced at the two of you.

“How’s the gelatin, Peter?”

“Yes, Peter.” The older Maximoff adds. “Is it any good?”

“It’s outstanding.” the boy hisses, then turns one bright watt-smile in your direction. “Best gelatin I’ve ever tasted, and that’s saying something, ‘cause I’ve tasted seventies Jell-O, and this kicks it out of the ballpark entirely.”

“Really?” you ask, moving to dip a finger into your own gelatin glass, and taste it. “I think I overdid it on the boiling.”

“Your taste buds must have sparked out, it’s more than great. You’ve got to be some kind of saint of all things sweet. I guess a kiss wouldn’t be enough to thank you…”

“Yes, because you will get nowhere near her before I do.” Pietro cuts through his tirade, back to glaring at his counterpart.

“I’ve seen you run, and you’re telling me you can get her faster than I can? I can dodge bullets, whereas you were once Swiss cheese, old man.”

The Avenger flinches at the ‘old man’, but stands his ground. “I think I am. (y/n) has sees you as a child, in all honesty. But children shouldn’t get hurt when running.”

Peter suddenly stands up from the table, gelatin forgotten. “You really want to see something hurt, Maximoff? ‘Cause I’d gladly hurt something of yours right now.”

Pietro stands up as well. “Go on. Try and do it to me, boy.”

“Game on, Sonic.”

“Pietro!” you say, putting on a hand on their chests to prevent fists from coming out. They both look at you in confusion, not knowing who you’re talking about.

“Who are you talking to?”

“Well, obviously, it was me.” Peter scoffs.

“Your arrogance truly knows no limits, it was me.”

“I’m talking to both of you.” you say between gritted teeth. “Stop doing this, ok? You’re talking about me like I’m a piece of meat to haggle over!”

“Of course you’re not, (y/n). Don’t know about that old man over there.”

“And who is to say that you’re not disrespectful as well?”

“Enough!” you yell. “Sorry, boys, but I’m already taken.”

“By who?” Both of them ask.

“By me.” A smooth, dark voice answers, and one Norse god swathed in green robes appears out of nowhere. “Apologies, gentlemen, but the lady is courting me, and I would appericiate it if you would back off.”

“Loki, thank goodness.” you sigh, heading to the fridge. “I was afraid you wouldn’t come soon enough; your macarons are turning to ice.”

“Darling, I hope you can see the irony in that statement.”

“Don’t I always?”

Both of the silver-haired speedsters watch in utter silence as the two of you walk away from the table, green macarons in hand.

“Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t that the man who nearly brought down this city’s very foundations?”


“Is she mad?”


“…I’m still going after her.”

“Like hell you are! I’ll get there so fast you won’t even see it coming!”

“You did not just-”

“Yes I did, I do what I want!”

“That’s my line.” Loki calls over his shoulder amidst your laughs.

Top Ten Signs Charles and Erik are Endgame, #3, part 2/2

Top Ten Signs Charles and Erik are Endgame, #3, part 2/2

So, we’ve covered the fact that FC is full of secrets, and that none of the viral websites match the stories in FC or DoFP. The guy who wrote the BB article is known for his mystery and conspiracy stories: Here’s the thing: if it were one or two things that didn’t match, I wouldn’t even give it a second thought. But…everything? That’s intentional. The Bent Bullet main article was written by famed…

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My favourite thing about this scene in particular (and all the others with these three in) is that this is an English guy putting on an American accent, a Scottish guy putting on an English accent, and an Australian guy putting on an American accent, in a movie that also features a German-Irish guy putting on an English accent. 

This movie may as well be called Days of Fake Ass Accents.


It’s not their pain you’re afraid of. It’s yours, Charles. And as frightening as it can be, that pain will make you stronger. If you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it, .it will make you more powerful than you ever imagined. It’s the greatest gift we have: to bear their pain without breaking. And it comes from the most human part of us: hope. Charles, we need you to hope again.