date day finally! met up with alfie at around eleven. the movie started at five past one so we went to buy tickets early just in case it was busy for some reason. turned out that the only showing we could really make was in the director’s hall, so i ended up spending £25 on two cinema tickets, free popcorn & drinks, and swanky seating.
we went to get pick n mix and killed an hour and a half or so before heading back to the cinema and sitting in the fancy bar place waiting for the movie to start. even the toilets (ironically) looked capitolesque.
the movie itself was fantastic and i forgot how much i used to love the franchise. it kinda reminded me of year 8 and that was a little painful but it’d been ages since i’d been to the cinema so it was fun. in the end we didn’t go out to wagamama’s as planned due to the unexpected final cost of the cinema tickets. it was all okay in the end though as we bought an up-market oven pizza and waffles for dinner instead.
alf opened his christmas presents even though christmas was practically a week away and i opened mine. this is the first time i’ve been in a serious relationship over my birthday/christmas so opening presents from someone who knows you better than anyone else was really great. i don’t really want to list everything he got me because that feels boastful but they were the best presents i’ve ever recieved.
thankfully, he stopped over for the first time since october and i can’t put into words how nice it was. again, i don’t think i’ll go into detail talking about my fuzzy feelings for him. i just love alfie a hell of a lot.