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For more from the 19th annual National Day of Silence, browse the #dayofsilence hashtag and visit the GLSEN website.

Friday marked the 19th Annual Day of Silence, a movement in schools and universities to call attention to the issue of LGBT bullying and harassment among youth.

Organized by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), the day is marked by teens spending the day in silence as a symbol of the “silencing effect of anti-LGBT bias and behavior.” The organization estimates that hundreds of thousands of LGBT and allied students at more than 8,000 schools participated in the event this year, many wearing shirts, stickers or pins to explain their reason for silence.

This year for Day of Silence I’m doing something different.
I’m refusing to be silent.
I have spent too much time silenced by my identity. I have spent too much time bullied and left without the desire to speak. I have spent too much time silent while misgendered and mislabeled. Instead of being silent today, I’m going to be screaming and shouting. If anyone says anything homophobic or transphobic, I will be shouting. If I hear casual cissexism, I will be screaming. If I see any bullying, I will be screaming. I have spent too many days silent for anyone to notice one more. This year, I will be shouting.
—  Why I won’t be silent today. ( queerpants)

4 in 10 LGBT youth say they live in a community that’s not accepting of LGBT people.

LGBT youth are twice as likely to say that they’ve been bullied at school.

LGBT teens are three times more likely to commit teen suicide.

The number two reason that teens are bullied is because of their actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender expression.

LGBT teens are almost six times more likely to report high levels of depression.

92% of LGBT youth say they hear negative messages about being LGBT. The top sources are school, the Internet, and their peers.

2 in 3 LGBT students reported being sexually harassed in the past year.

The average GPA for students who were frequently harassed because of their sexual orientation was half a grade lower than that of other students.

LGBT youth are five times more likely to miss school because they feel unsafe after being bullied due to their sexual orientation.

On average, an LGBT high school student will hear 26 anti-LGBT slurs per day.

More than 2 in 4 LGBT students have been physically hurt by another student because of their sexual orientation.

To raise awareness to the issues faced by LGBT students, I am refraining from talking for the entire day. Just like many students bullied because of their sexuality, I won’t speak. But my quietness is the loudest scream of all. For every confused stare, another person will learn about problems that they may not have been aware even existed; or didn’t realize they were causing. I am speaking for all the kids who weren’t heard, who were ignored.

I am ending the silence.

Today is the Day of Silence.

Today, hundreds of thousands of students across the world will take a symbolic vow of silence to support the thousands of LGBT youth who are silenced by bullying every day. 

Silence has always been a powerful tool for change. When silence is casual and individual, it easily goes unnoticed. But when it is deliberate, strategic and occurring en masse, it’s difficult to miss. One day without speaking is difficult; a lifetime of silencing by bullying is unthinkable. That difference becomes blatantly visible today. 

Whether or not you’re participating in the Day of Silence today, it’s a valuable time to reflect on how each and every one of us can help make schools — and the world — safer for LGBT people. What are you doing today to help end the silence?


ok so april eleventh is the day of silence, where lgbt people and allies stay silent the entire day to bring attention to the silence the lgbt community have been forced to live in for most of our lives. this is a great organization to raise awareness about a really important issue, but being loud and calling people out their crap. so on APRIL 11 were gonna be loud and obnoxious and fight for our rights!

draw rainbows everywhere, put rainbow ribbon on your bags, frickle frackle a leprechaun, just be AGAP, as gay as possible!!!!!!

you can also participate online by posting gay ships, fanart, fanfics, everything! be aS GA Y AS POSSILBE

so dont forget, its this friday on april 11!