Day 11: moon


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Nick felt like a perv but was it really his fault that this guy kept skinny dipping right in his line of sight? It didn’t help that tonight the full moon illuminated the lithe body of the blond man who’d haunted his dreams every damn night for the past three nights. 

Who the hell swam in that lake at night, buck ass naked? The water had to be freezing. 

Nick had a clear view from the deck of his cabin, and the damn moon wasn’t helping any. Blondie was standing on the shore, arms stretched up to the night sky, bouncing on his toes and Nick felt his mouth go dry. He dragged his eyes up and down the lean muscles that were on full display under the moon’s light. God damn. 

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I only colored the best one bc I’m lazy

Carlos the Scientist.

We need to hear his last name.

My headcanon is that Carlos is Mexican, and he has a big family with lots of sisters, and they love him dearly and are super protective of him. He’s a middle child, he has three older sisters and one younger sister. And his family LOVES Cecil, his mom asks to speak to Cecil every Sunday when Carlos calls to talk to her. She says, thank God my son found such a wonderful man, I have too many daughters, I needed another son.

Many Glacier Hotel on the Shores of Swiftcurrent Lake by thor_mark  on Flickr.

Sometime Dead is Better

Hulk crouches in the dirt, rain pouring over his shoulders.

He scoops up the sand and throws it over his shoulder, over and over again.

He and Banner were so stupid not to think of this before.

Captain America was supposed to be dead.

He was just frozen in ice.

Tony was said to be dead,

but he wasn’t.

Pepper was almost dead

but she came back changed.

Bucky Barnes was supposed to be dead

"But he was brainwashed and crazy" Hulk gritted out to himself, shoveling back another feet of dirt.

And the SHIELD Agent

"Phil pretended to be dead, but isn’t."

Almost everyone around Hulk who was supposed to be dead….

Hell, Cap was almost dead, again, but didn’t die.

With each handful of dirt, he counts them out.

1. supposed to be dead steve

2. said to be dead Tony

3. Almost dead pepper

4. crazyalive Bucky Barnes

5. Phil pretend dead

6. Steve should be dead but not.

His large arms shake

the wooden box shows out from the dirt

Stevesupposed to be dead, Tonysaid to be dead, almostdead pepper, crazyalivebucky…philpretenddead steveshouldbedeadbutnot.

He can’t open the box

he doesn’t want to. 

What’s supposed to be dead never is

Steve Tony Pepper Bucky Phil Steve again

He pulls away from the box and wrapshis arms around his chest.


can’t open it

don’t wanna know

….have to know

have to protect them

the rain belts down on his shoulders and he cries.

has to be dead

but everyone who had to be dead wasn’t

steve tony pepper bucky steve again phil

"Steve, Tony, Pepper, Bucky, Steve again, Phil" He says it over and over and over and the wind tells him he’s crazy.


He finally, finally breaks into the stupid box and lets himself look in.

Hulk lets out a scream of triumph

The body is there.

His body is there.

Hulk sniffs at the black/gray hairs

the smell isn’t really there

but the body, the fucking body, is

and it’s about the size he remembered.

Hulk reaches in and breaks off a bone.

He’ll leave it for Banner. To test. to be sure.

That their father is dead.

Like he’s supposed to be.