Dana Imagine for Claudia

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“I miss you too babe! Only another month and a half left,” Dana said through the computer. The sound quality of Skype wasn’t so great that day, but you didn’t care. You were just happy to be able to sort of be with him. “I have to go now but I’ll call you later tonight. I love you!” you said, waving to your webcam. He smiled and said, “I love you too!” You ended the chat and got up to go make yourself some lunch. You were looking the fridge when you heard your phone buzz twice. You shut the fridge and looked at your phone and saw you had two texts from Cole. Why is Cole texting me? you thought to yourself. You opened the chat and it appears that you got added to a group chat with Cole, Gabe, David and Will.

Cole: Hey guys

Cole: Answer this ASAP

You were confused as to why they added you and figured it was a mistake. You typed Hey! I think you accidently added me to this chat haha before hitting send. A few seconds later your phone buzzed again and this time it was David.

David: Actually it wasn’t an accident. We have a plan and it involves you Claudia.

You stared at the message blankly and didn’t really know what to do. Before you could say anything, there was a new message.

Will: Hello group chat :) Claudia, like David said, we have a plan. Dana has been missing you so much. The other night we were eating spaghetti for dinner and he was moping because your spaghetti is his favorite. Earlier today, he was sitting in his bunk just looking at pictures of you guys and stalking your instagram. Clearly this is a problem. Our plan is to have you come out here to see him at the show on Friday.

You read the whole thing and your face lit up. That’s such a great idea! Count me in! you texted them. After a couple minutes your phone buzzed again to see there was another message.

Gabe: Get a plane ticket from L.A. to Dallas and then we will work out the logistics.

You immediately ran to the living room, opened up your laptop and bought a ticket to fly to Dallas on Thursday night.

“So I texted you the address of your hotel and also the venue for the show tomorrow. We are getting there around 10:00 and the show actually starts at 12:00,” Will explained to you, as you guys walked to baggage claim. “Ok got it. Where are the other boys?” you asked. “They’re distracting Dana. He thinks I’m at a museum tour thing,” he said. “Ohhh that was good thinking on your part!” you said with a smile. He shrugged and said, “I am a pretty smart cookie.” You grabbed your suitcase and headed out to catch a cab. “Tomorrow you should come to the venue around 11:30-sih. If you’re there too early then it’ll be hard to hide you for that long, Will said. “Ok and how are we planning on surprising him? Like after the show or when?” you asked him. “Well our plan was to actually bring you on stage during the show to surprise him,” he said with a look that said he hoped you wouldn’t object to that idea. “Oh my god Will, how in the world am I supposed to do that?!” you asked. Just then, a cab pulled up for you and Will put your suitcase in the car. “You’ll be just fine, it’ll be super fun. See you tomorrow Claudia!” he said, rushing you into the taxi so you couldn’t protest. You told the driver where you needed to go and then thought about how tomorrow would go. A knot in your stomach started to form, but you tried to calm yourself down. I don’t even know why I’m scared, I’m not even performing you told yourself. You got to your hotel room, laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Your nerves were gone and all you could think about was how you would see Dana in less than 24 hours.

You were hiding on the side of the stage, waiting for them to finish singing Heartless. It was almost time to surprise him and you didn’t want to wait any longer. The song ended and the audience went wild. “Thank you so much everyone! You have been an incredible audience!” Dana said into the microphone. “You guys are amazing! We want to end the show with our newest song, Get To Know You,” David added. “But before we do that, there’s something else we have planned,” Will said. The audience watched in anticipation while Cole led Dana to the end of the stage catwalk. “What’s going on?” Dana whispered to Cole, holding the microphone away from his face. Will gestured towards you and you walked out on stage. The audience screamed and you went behind Dana and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and his face lit up. “Claudia! You’re actually here!” he yelled, giving you the biggest hug in the world. “Surprise!” you said with a giant grin. He just looked at you, confused but excited, and said, “How did you even get here?” “The boys said that you were missing me and I was missing you too. So they arranged for me to catch a flight and come to the show!” you explained. “I am so happy right now, you have no idea,” he said, before kissing you. The audience got even louder and then Cole came over and said, “Ok lovebirds, let’s finish our set and you can continue after the show.” You hugged Dana one more time and went back behind the stage again. After they finished the show, they ran back to meet up with you. “Thank you, to all of you, for making this happen. You guys are the best,” Dana said. “We just wanted you to be happy and we knew that Claudia could put a smile on your face,” David said, hugging Dana. “We’ll give you two some time now,” Gabe said. The boys all left and you turned to Dana and grabbed both of his hands. “Claudia, I love you so so soooo much. This really made me happier than you’ll ever know,” he said to you. “I love you too babe. Now do you want to go back to the hotel? I can make spaghetti!” you said with a laugh. “I can’t believe they told you about that,” he said, looking at the floor. “It was cute!” you told him. “Whatever. I’m just glad we are together,” he said, pulling you closer to him. “So am I,” you said, wrapping your arms around him and squeezing him. 

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Prestigious high school student, Harlem, has it all. The money, the name, the power, and she hates every second of it. After being assigned to do a psychological study on a student from a lower class high school, she begins to learn the values in her life, and the struggles in his.

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SUPER random encounter with Dave Choe tonight. My brother called me up telling me that David Choe was in town and sent me a picture of the two of them. I didn’t believe it, so I gathered what I could that I wanted to get signed, and grabbed my brother’s David Choe books, rushed out, and got all of that stuff signed. He was being pretty nice about it, even though we were kinda bugging him since he was in the middle of family/friend time. Used up the rest of the film in my Polaroid Spectra camera to take these pictures, and Dave just went ahead and signed them all.

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Syd Mead (Conceptual illustrations), Blade Runner [And related earlier art), c. 1980.