TYPE: Gay Love 2x2
GENRE: Coming of age, romance, fluff, smut, comedy.
SETTING: New Orleans; present day
INSPIRATION: Love Actually, The Spectacular Now, Stuck In Love, Easy A.
RATING: Mature
FACECLAIMS: Zac Efron, Kellan Lutz, Chace Crawford, Trevor Donovan

➜ C H A R A C T E R S

ARTEMIS SAGE, 17 years old; (Zac Efron) — played by me
↳ intelligent, athletic, creative, generous, sociable.

DAVID COSTA, 18 years old; (Kellan Lutz) — played by you
↳ strong, athletic, romantic, persistent, gentle.

SEAN EVANS, 18 years old; (Chace Crawford) — played by me or you
↳ confident, communicative, impulsive, funny, easygoing.

HARVEY JOHNSON, 28 years old; (Trevor Donovan) — played by you
↳ resourceful, helpful, mature, philosophical, sincere.

➜ S T O R Y L I N E

     New Orleans, once known for it’s beautiful culture, its city, homes, but was destroyed by the mishaps of hurricane Katrina.  But it has been years since then and the city has only gotten better.  Rebuilding, and keeping the culture alive.  And no wonder people enjoy spending their vacation there.  It’s one of the most beautiful towns in Louisiana.  And with every city has their small suburban towns.  And one of them is where our four lovely characters reside.

     David Costa and Sean Evans have always lived in their small town for years, and they have lived through the fear of the getting their homes ripped apart by that storm.  But luckily damages were able to be fixed and they had a chance to continue their lives like nothing was wrong.  Both seniors in high school, they had a good life ahead of them and they showed promised.  Both these best friends knew where they’d go to college, and they would make the most of it with their final year together.

     Artemis was but the new kid in town.  Moving from Chicago to a small town outside New Orleans was not something he had planned.  It was difficult since he was student body president at his old school, captain of the basketball team, and he had to give it all up so that his father could work for some company in the city.  It was bullshit and he hated it, but he was still 17, and he still had to listen to his parents.  But no matter the case, his 18 birthday was coming up and they promised it would be a big one.

     Harvey was the new man in town as well.  A teacher that focused on mathematics and loved to teach.  Of course every girl thought he was hot, and even a few of the guys couldn’t help but check him out.  He was gorgeous.  He was that one teacher that everyone just found attractive.  Harvey noticed, and he knew nothing would happen since he was just a gay male, but nobody else seemed to know about it.

     But this story isn’t just about one individual, it’s about how some paths are crossed, and sometimes finding love, it’s just a few obstacles to get through to finally get it.  Either if it’s two athlete’s who struggle a bit to get others to get over the fact they are both gay, or a secret student/teacher relationship that two didn’t want to get out.  Either way, it’s a love story, and a love story.  But will it end the way they hope it would.