Mr. Lancer’s book exclamations!

As requested by sarah-the-witch.

Let’s just see how this goes, Obviously I would. But how many DP fans are still left out there wanting more?

EDIT - Wow it’s amazing to see how many reblogs this is getting so far!. It’s touching to see that the Fandom still lives after all this time and is hungry for more!.


Ive been thinking a lot about making this au and so i sketched out some pretty neat things for it. basically its a flipped au where danny and jazz are fanatic ghost hunters and their parents are completely normal. I also applied that a bit towards sam and tucker, having them be preppy and stuff, casper high is now a rich private academy (tucker is there on sports scholarship), and paulina and dash are danny’s fellow delinquent friends. and then at some point both dannys come across some interdimensional portal in the ghost zone and see each other.