Katz is a smooth and sadistic feline with a British accent, and comes complete with his own sinister background theme. Like most cats, he has a powerful distaste for dogs. Since his debut, Katz’s top priority has always been helping or advancing his situation in some way.

The only things he shows much compassion for outside of his own interest are his “loves” (his spiders).

Despite his sinister nature, Katz has always enjoyed a bit of pre-defeat “sport” with Courage, which he is quite apt at. The two then engage in small battles in the form of games, such as a handball or a staring contest. It is common in some of these games that Katz will egg his opponent on into losing.

  • Talon:Why do you have to make everyone hate you?
  • Zarek:What? You want to be my friend now, Celt? If I clean up my act, will you be my buddy?
  • Talon:You’re such an asshole.
  • Zarek:Yeah, but at least I know what I am. I have no pretensions. You don’t know if you’re a Druid, a Dark-Hunter, or a playboy. You lost yourself a long time ago in the dark hole where you buried the parts of you that once made you human.
  • Talon:You are lecturing me on humanity?
  • Zarek:Ironic as hell, isn’t it?

                                ❝I don’t suffer from my insanity, 
                                        I enjoy every minute of it.❞

☠ – Indie canon RP blog for Zarek from the Dark Hunter book series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.
☠ – Don’t need to be familiar with series to rp with me [I provide a detailed about page for Zarek and the DH world].
☠ – Mun has read all the books up to and including Styxx. [Has not read ‘Chronicles of Nick’ yet. Working on it.]
☠ – 10 years RP experience. 3 on tumblr.
☠ – Does para, novella, text and chat format. Also uses icons, gifs, and gif icons. 
☠ – Multiship, Multifandom, multiverse. AU, crossover and OC friendly.
☠ – Mun and Muse both 18+ 
☠ – Occasionally NSFW [gore, violence, sex, porn, abuse, etc]
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I just thought of Astrid and Z at the beach. And Z falls asleep in the sun, stretched out on the blanket, and Astrid takes a quick pic with her cell and posts it to instagram. 

"My snowman fell asleep. Hope he won’t melt in the sun. #helookssopeaceful #ilovethisman #mysnowzarek <3"

It quickly ends up circulated around the dark hunters circuit so whenever he shows up there’s snickering and muttered ‘snowman’ comments. 

The only ones who can call him it to his face and get away with it are Jesse and Ash though ofc.

Does anyone know the name of this great character? If you answered no, His name is Grim Jr. And he is one of the Grims sons in a serie called: Grim Tales.

Even when it is a Fanmade about Billy & Mandy, It has an amazing Story.

I will upload a few more images about him and the serie tomorrow.

See you soon!