a house divided 

the historical hetalia roll continues- here’s Union!America during the American Civil War. The Union are the Northern states, so that’s why he has lost Texas. Up till today, it is the most deadly conflict in American history- partly because the soldiers who died on both sides are counted as Americans. But it really was an extremely destructive war- and a pivotal point in US history- because although it forever ended slavery, it opened a whole new can of worms about racial equality from then on. Even till today, there are disputes over people flying the Confederate flag- as some view it as just a homage to Southern culture, whereas others view it as inextricably linked to slavery. 

My headcanon is that the Civil War was the worst Alfred has ever been injured- and he was literally fighting for his survival because the war did not just tear apart the idea of the United States, but forced him to finally confront the issue of slavery and the unfulfilled promise of the “all men are equal” within his Constitution, because it went to the heart of the entire idea behind America as a nation.