The poll is finally over and the strenuous voting is done! Good work! Captain Swan may not have gotten the official win, but we’ve proven the strength, determination, hard work and amazing teamwork of our wonderful fandom as well as beaten more than 60+ other ships! Not to mention, we pretty much got the #1 ABC ship. This is amazing compared to how we did last year and you should all be proud of your fellow shipmates.

Rejoice in the fact that CS is canon and that we have not just one… but four interviews (two today and another two to look forward to soon!) Also, Once Upon a Time is on this sunday! Not to mention, everyone knows we aren’t a fandom ship to be messed with! So, really… who are also the winners here? 

Congratulations, Captain Swan!

“It’s been an insane transformation. She was sexually exploited at a young age when she was very timid… And now she’s standing in front of 10,000 people with three dragons at her back. Dany has grown into a strong and empowered woman who has a very sharp sense of who she is now and what she sees as her mission. She’s almost evolved into a Joan Of Arc-style character.”  - How has your character changed?

mramgine asked:

I don't know if you've addressed this before, but what are your thoughts on Dany as a character? I read people treating her like a saint, a monster, and everything in-between.

Terrific character, hugely readable, one of the main reasons anyone gives a shit about this series. As a conqueror, her first conquest is the pain of her own physical, emotional, and sexual abuse — think about that. She mixes Targaryen messianism and severity with perhaps the most advanced and empathetic sense of political morality of any character in the series; one can and should take issue with the execution, but she is seriously trying to end the slave trade. Magic and destiny swirl around her like a vortex, prophecies and miraculous feats and mythical beasts clinging to her like she’s some kind of sorcerous Katamari Damacy. She’s going to save the planet, for crying out loud. If she becomes monstrous on the way, or otherwise fucks up, that’s part of what makes her a terrific character. Your fave need not be flawless, you know? I really like reading about her.

anonymous asked:

Do you like Daenerys?

Absolutely. She’s one of my faves, although probably not in my top 5 asoiaf characters - but that’s due to the fact that her post-ASOS arc is quite stagnating, and suffers from her narrative isolation (she has never interacted with any of the other major PoVs and players. ngl this is obviously a great handicap).

But I love her. Her story is unique and incredibly empowering, it’s a coming of age that deals with loss, sacrifice, reshaping one’s self, and conquering the world. There is nothing I don’t love about that, and I will never thank grrm enough for giving such an arc to a female character. And I honestly don’t understand why she gets so much hate in the fandom. Of course Dany is flawed. She’s single-mindedly obsessed with her Targaryen legacy and with reclaiming Westeros. She is, to an extent, bloodthirsty and implacable and has, again to an extent, a white savior complex (although imo the term is much more applicable to how grrm writes her story than to Dany herself, it doesn’t make much sense from a watsonian perspective). She brought war and wreaked havoc in lands that were relatively peaceful and thriving, albeit thanks to a disgusting slave-based, classist economy. But this is why I love her, and why I find her so interesting - you don’t see lots of female characters in literature grappling with the do and don’ts of war and leadership, with the nature of power, with the necessary balance between mercy and inflexibility in a ruler. She is, and the fact that she has to face that kind of conundrums at a very young age makes her all the more extraordinary.

But what I also love about Dany is that, despite her flaws, she’s good-natured at heart. (lol no, she’s not going to become a villain, sorry fanboys) Dany genuinely wants to help the oppressed. She has empathy, and she knows what it feels like to have no agency, to be a victim, a slave, an object in the hands of men. She values other women and children, and seeks comfort and advice in them, and protects them. She constantly second-guesses herself and wonders if she’s doing the right thing - which means she desperately wants to do the right thing. She also has the acumen of recognizing she isn’t always right (despite what the haters say); and she surrounds herself with counselors for that reason. She is willing to take responsibility for her actions and isn’t afraid to make unpopular choices. She is clever, determined and perceptive, although still lacking experience in certain fields, but I think when people judge her conduct in Meereen harshly, they forget that she’s a 15 years old who basically reinvented herself as a queen from scratch, and with little help or guidance from the outside, and that the situation in Meereen would be extremely tricky to handle even for a seasoned political leader. And yes, she’s often stubborn and self-entitled and high handed, but honestly, how many people would consider them flaws if she were a man?

Yeah I totally love Dany.