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Did you and Daniel both tell your parents together when you found out you were pregnant? I just found out I was pregnant, and after my husband and I agreed not to tell anyone yet, he told his mom by himself. I'm so upset, bc I felt like this is a joyous moment I wanted to share together in telling our parents. I even wanted to tell in a really cute surprise way. Am I just being a baby?

Yes we both did! I had told my parents already that we had stopped using contraceptives, so it wasn’t super off guard when we announced it.

I would personally be upset because I would have wanted him to talk to me about it before saying anything, but maybe he was just too excited!

You can always surprise everyone with the gender! Don’t feel too worried, because you’ve still got a shot at a surprise!

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have any of the victims parents had children after the massacre?

The only one I remember was Daniel Mauser parents who adopted Madeline from China.


"As Harry took off his glasses and climbed into his four-poster, he imagined how it must feel to have parents still living but unable to recognize you. He often got sympathy from strangers for being an orphan, but as he listened to Neville’s snores, he thought that Neville deserved it more than he did.”

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Graceland - Parallels
 Briggs/Bello, 1x10

Finding out Mike Warren has been investigating you: Two reactions


"There’s this mythology that you have to sacrifice everything to be a good mom. There was a lot of extra guilt for me, that I was choosing to take myself out of [my son] Gus’s daily life; then, also guilt that I really wanted to go back to my studio." —Ruby Sky Stiler

Artists Ruby Sky Stiler and Daniel Gordon share their experiences (so far) of being working artists with a child in the latest film from the ART21 New York Close Up series.

WATCH: Daniel Gordon & Ruby Sky Stiler Take Baby Steps

IMAGES: Production stills from the ART21 New York Close Up film, Daniel Gordon & Ruby Sky Stiler Take Baby Steps. © ART21, Inc. 2015.