what…what was this sudden desire to draw Andy's characters?ヾ( ゚Д゚)ノ

seriously I am so in love with these guys.

Anyway.. Andy, I really hope I don’t draw them too off character..I dunno, I thought maybe since they were kind of \new\ to human-mortal bodies they didn’t quite know how it work and there was that one time that Alex slipped or something (what a guy) and hit his head hard enough to make it bleed, and then sort of passed out. And Danica was like really angry at first because wtf dude why are you keep fooling me like that just stand up and let’s go already..but Alex just doesn’t move and his breath is to quiet and he’s is just too still and that was the time when Danica really freaks a whole lot because she simply doesn’t quite know what to do and generally what exactly is happening and why Alex just doesn’t wake up no matter how much she calls for him and shakes him

and then he does and she’s a mess  (◕‿◕✿) later though I am pretty sure she’s pretend like it’s nothing and she wasn’t really worried about him or anything, of course she wasn’t.


Dr. Nigel Vaughn: When I made Danica… I was filled with resentment, desperation. I sometimes wonder if, back then, something that was dark inside of me got put in… her. I mean, we are an integral part of our creations, aren’t we?

But, you know, Danica is…is complex. Not just black and white or good and evil. The world only saw one part of her, and that, as they say, was that.