Uh, so I guess I have WAY MORE FOLLOWERS NOW…

Hello new followers! I’m glad you like my dumb doodles! 

So here’s a bunch of Cartoon Heroines with Distaff Counterparts.

Not much of a theme going here, but hey, what can you do. I’ll post the boy version eventually but I’m kinda happy with how this one came out. 

Blossom from Powerpuff Girls, Fionna from Adventure Time and Dani Phantom from Danny Phantom. What what. 


Why in the night sky are the lights hung?

Why is the Earth moving ‘round the Sun?

Floating in a vacuum with no purpose, not a one

Why in the night sky are the lights hung?

phanniemay day 01: space

i put more effort into some phanniemay prompts than others but i definitely wanted to start off with something really heartfelt uwu these two astronerds give me the hugest sibling feels so this was an obvious solution

(the lyrics are from blue spotted tail by the fleet foxes, one of my all time favorite songs)