Dani BGC


Dani freaking out

(sorry for the bad quality, this was screenshoted)

But can we talk about why Dani is one of the baddest bitches this season? 

She’s not afraid to stand alone and call Jada out on her bullshit! Behind Jada, you have Rocky and Rima, and Jada knows that Rocky is not afraid to jump in, but do you see who’s behind Dani? No one! She has her own back. I honestly feel like she was one of the ones that improved the most because she relied on her sister to always stand up for her (and she made it clear that that is one of her problems) but now she knows the only one who needs to have her back is herself. Do see how she’s standing? Dani is not fazed by Jada one bit! She stands her own ground and throughout the season, you can see Dani become independent and strong. That is what a grown women does.