You can have a young Batman. Young Batman is great. Three cheers for young Batman. But you can't also have Dick, Jason, Tim, and Damian as former Robins. In the New 52, Bruce was 21 when he adopted 15 year old Dick Grayson. Creepy. Plus it only took him 6 years to go through all four Robins. New 52 isn't all bad, but Batman's timeline doesn't work.

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robin reversal au, tim and dami arguing over recklessness??

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(While Bruce is ‘dead’)

"You need to be more careful.” Tim spat, watching as Damian struggled to climb the stairs from the Bunker’s parking area. “At this rate, you’re going to kill yourself within the month.”

"I’m Batman." Damian grit out, already making a mental note to check the security cameras, see who let the Red Hood into Wayne Tower. "I can do whatever the hell I want."

"Dick is worried sick about you." Tim stated, as if that justified his presence. "…He already lost Bruce, don’t make him lose another guardian." A pause. "Don’t make him lose someone else he loves."

Damian pushed past him silently, collapsing into the computer chair even as he felt the cool fury coming from Tim’s person.

"If you don’t slow down, I’ll take him from you." Tim whispered, his voice filled with hostility. Damian spun around instantly, eyes narrowed in challenge. Tim’s face remained stoic, deadly serious. "I don’t want to, but don’t think I won’t, not if it’s for his own good."

And just like that, the argument was over. Tim’s threat was real, he knew it was, but that didn’t mean Damian was going to give him the final word. His counter was quiet, breathed as his ‘brother’ walked away.

"I’d like to see you try." 

i was her (she was me)


(given the nature of who i am and what i like this ended up with a platonic otp scene there @ the end bc i’m TRASH) just take it (title from “she’s the one” by robbie williams which is one of my damian wayne/ellen nayar otp songs)


            Alfred carried a tray down to Bruce, sitting before the computers. “Damian called,” he said, setting down the food on the computer panel, knowing Bruce likely wouldn’t touch it. “He’s coming home soon.”

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the acrobat. the commissioner’s daughter. the outlaw. the detective. the blood son.

                                      the heroes gotham n e e d s.

                              no, the heroes gotham d e s e r v e s