Gracepoint Excited For the Premiere Thursday!

So here in two days Gracepoint will premiere here in America, and of course me being a fan of the original series Broadchurch I am excited to see it. And I will make my points clear as to why. 

  1. Remake-Yes the show is a remake from Broadchurch. Yes it sucks that they couldn’t just broadcast the original show. But the problem was they did on BBC America, but it didn’t get the outreach it did with UK audiences. So they decided okay it was probably because it was tended more towards those audiences in the UK, so they just moved it toward the US and gave it a different name. Stupid I know, but Americans are selfish, sad  but true(sometimes I hate being American).
  2. Alec Hardy and Emmett Carver- Are apparently the same character with different names but David Tennant in interviews countless times says the character feels completely different to him, and he viewed them as such. 
  3. Accent- Reallly shut up about his accent! If I hear one more person cry or bitch about him not using his Scottish accent I will scream bloody murder at you. He is an actor, using different accents is part of his job, and honestly he sounds fine. There are so many accents and dialects in the US that if he is able to pull of one then kudos to him. Plus he also mentioned in an interview that playing The Doctor he didn’t use his original accent. So really shut up about it!
  4. The Ending- The show starts out the same as Broadchuch, but it has to that is how the mystery of Danny Salono’s murder is set up. So yes the first two episodes are going to be really similar to the original series. But everything after that will be different, and the ending is completely different. So the killer won’t be the same person. The shows producers decided to this so if people watched the original series like myself they won’t be able to spoil to those who are watching Gracepoint.

Anyway I am excited for the premiere of this show this Thursday on October 2nd. I am excited to see David Tennant again on the television. I am excited to see a totally different killer, and to revisit and try to figure out and solve this mystery once again. I am just excited in general. And honestly please don’t be like oh it is going to suck because it is a remake and they shouldn’t of taken it from the UK, and that David isn’t using his original accent, or that the show is just like Broadchurch especially during the first two or so episodes. Watch it for a few episodes and then pass judgement on it. If it pisses you off after the third or fourth episode then be mad that they took the show from the UK. It will make sense then, and that will be okay. But for bloody sakes just don’t be an ass towards it before you even seen it. 


Here is my prediction regarding the whole Clare, Drew, Eli plot this season. I think the father is Drew. There have been so many hints and that music promo just made me think so even more. In the beginning of the video Clare is looking at two choices. Then near the end we have a smiley clew. I think that signifies that he is the father and they are one “happy family.” Then we have a less happy eclare, but we have their hands intertwined on Clare’s stomach. I think that hints at Eli being there for Clare and supporting her through this whole situation. Maybe she isn’t as happy with Eli because of the messy situation they are in. I do think in the end Clare will have a miscarriage. These are just some of my thoughts. Do not quote me on any of this.


Favorite David Tennant Characters (2/10)


"Not a whit, we defy augury; there’s a special providence in the fall of a sparrow. If it be now, ‘tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come: the readiness is all"

Sabe o que mais me doi? Doi saber que não sou importante na vida de alguém, enquanto todos que entraram na minha são super importantes, doi saber que a qualquer momento a pessoa pode sumir, desaparecer sem sentir um pingo de saudade, doi porque eu sei que sinto demais, sou sentimental demais, que tudo em mim é um pouco exagerado.
—  Descritivos