So there’s no real evidence for this, but I have a headcanon that Ash’s encounter with Yuta in Sinnoh really paved the way for him to be more open to the positive aspects of science when it comes how it influences relationships with Pokemon, usually being a person to just rely on instinct and natural “bonds” when it comes to his Pokemon. Ash was quite dismissive of Yuta’s methods and proudly stated that relying on spirit, heart, and genuine world experience was the “right” method to bonding with your fellow Pokemon, he didnt really take any of Yuta’s abilities to heart. Though by the same logic, Yuta scoffed at Ash’s method of Poke-bonding, fully relying on his tech and ignoring his Pokemon’s condition (like Snorlax’s fatigue that he got after such hard training).

The two fiercley compete and it ends with Ash losing to Yuta at the Pokethlon. Though after the loss Ash sees how such things can actually be an asset and considers it a possible asset to his future training endeavors and at the same time Yuta learns from Ash about how relying on science 100% of the time has its drawbacks and you may lose a precious natural connection with your partner mon. Basically both of them walked away from the experience learning something valuable from the other.

It’s probably why he finds Clemont and his tech skills so impressive, especially when they help out. Because he’s a lot more open and receptive to their positive aspects (also helps that it’s helpful tech that’s on HIS side for once instead of always fighting it like with Team Rocket and their many many mechs) and therefore more amazed, he’s seen first hand how Clemont’s best inventions help people and Pokemon alike. So overall I think it’s thanks to Yuta and Clemont it put Ash on the path to seeing just how amazing science can be.