We've Just Reached 50 Followers! :-)

On Friday the 13th!  So, we here at The Dove and Pigeon Social Network have even more reason not to look at this day in dread.

And we thank whywewaltz for getting us to that number:

We’d also like to thank everyone who has not only hit that follow button, but also those who have interacted with us here on Tumblr.  Whether it was to ask us about dove and pigeon birds, comment on our page, or submit lovely pictures of your treasured pet Columbidae birds, it’s been a real pleasure receiving all of your messages!  And please keep those messages coming!

We are only two months “young” here on Tumblr, but that’s been enough time to discover how many dove/pigeon lovers exist within this online community alone.  And we love the fact that there is a growing number of dove/pigeon pet owners so graciously willing to share their pictures and stories with the greater Tumblr social network!  To those, we sincerely thank you; because you reflect a very important objective that we at DOVEBOOK have strived to reflect, and that is:  we endeavor to bring a higher level of awareness about the proven potential of domesticated dove and pigeon bird species as not only pets but also as family and friends.

All of you, from the casual interested party in these birds, to the ones lucky enough to share their lives and hearts with them, to the dove/pigeon birds who take it upon ‘themselves’ (perhaps with a little help from their humans) to share first-hand/first-wing their worlds with the rest of us, pat yourselves on the back.  This post and these recognitions are dedicated to YOU.

And to the next 50 followers, we look forward to meeting you!

Best wishes,

The Admins at DOVEBOOK, The Dove and Pigeon Social Network

Paz, the Pink Pied Ringneck Dove, Official Mascot: