okay no but lily actually heard james die. like she heard him fighting voldemort and she heard a thump as his body hit the ground and she knew for a brief moment that no matter what happened next james was dead. she knew that even if by some miracle she and harry made it out alive the love of her life, her best friend was dead and oh god my heart is breaking

  • me:wow. my friends are. my friends. wow. i love my friends. my friends are so great. my friends. theyre so. i love my friends. my friends. theyre amazing. there must be a way to tell them that i love them so much. man, my friends. my friends. wow.
  • friends:hi
  • me:you're all fucking nerds go away u losers

new headcanons for leo valdez:

  • 5’2
  • OBSESSED with minecraft
  • occasionally lapses into spanish and then says “what?” in five different languages when questioned
  • sex jokes galore and then does the finger gun thing and says “EYYYYYYY” (every time)
  • sneaks up behind piper/jason and hazel/frank and makes moaning noises/bad imitations of said couples
  • swears so constantly he gets in trouble with chiron AND reina (and then has to deal with hazel acting like the virgin mary)
  • mysterious freckles. everywhere.