Have you let your dog leave his or her DNA behind?

We asked Dawn Field, author of Biocode, how DNA identification can lead to fines for pet owners in gated communities.

“Is your dog well-behaved? More to the point, are you? There is now a fool-proof way to check up on how well you clean up after your pet. It’s the mainstay of CSI crime labs - DNA identification. With just a smidgeon of evidence (what you failed to scoop), investigators can call out your dog. Owners can be slapped with fines or worse - shamed publicly. The only catch is that your dog’s DNA must already be in the pet registry. This is why the application of this form of DNA-testing technology was birthed in gated communities - first in the US and now in Europe as well. Submission of a DNA sample becomes requisite for owning a dog under new membership rules. A rogue visitor might leave an unwanted gift on the shared lawn and escape without penalty, but any dog living in the compound beware. Companies are spawning to offer the service and it is catching on fast as a safe, economic way to keep the grass clean, safe and sweet-smelling. What goes for dogs goes for humans. Hong Kong is in the news for using DNA testing to shame litterbugs. Leave trash about with your DNA - say an empty can, a used tissue, a piece of gum, or a cigarette butt - and your face might appear on a bus stop. That approach to clean-living will certainly spread as well.”

Image: Guide dog puppy, by George Hawkins. CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0 via Flickr.

amayacha asked:

Some fluffy headcannons for Kuramochi and Miyuki please! :33

miyuki kazuya headcanons;

-    during winter his hands get cold easily and he uses that as an excuse to get you to hold his hand.

-    he always laughs at any type of joke, no matter how cheesy or lame it might be. Knock knock jokes and gags are the killers for him; if you tell a lame joke- he’ll laugh until he’s clutching his stomach even if it’s not that funny.

-    he lies on the floor when he’s feeling lazy or bored and sings random tunes and wants you to sing with him when the song is a duet. (if it’s a solo he wants to do it on his own.)

-    he likes to sit on people. if he sees you sitting down, he’ll go up to you and sit in your lap, or if you’re squatting, he’ll go behind you and lean against you.

-    when miyuki hugs you, he likes to press his hands against your shoulder blades to bring you closer and he just likes to appreciate having you close to him.

-    he has a thing for patting your head whenever he can- instead of greeting you like a normal person he’d come up from behind you and just place his hand on your head, or rest his arm on it.

kuramochi youichi headcanons;

-    when he gets comfortable enough, he will literally ask if you want a piggy back ride. he is always ready to carry you around and just be stupid together.

-    when he’s elated, he picks you up and spins you around.

-    he’s the type to always keep an arm around your shoulder or your waist because he wants you close to him while you’re walking together, even though he gets really flustered from the close contact.

-    he’s such a sap, your face is his background on all his devices, from his phone to his laptop, your pictures with him are always the screensavers and he finds himself staring at them in disbelief, since he cannot believe that you  agreed to date him.

-    he likes to surprise you with little gifts that he picks up for no reason. if he sees something that reminds him of you- he’d buy it on the spot. 

-    if he knows that you’re okay with it- he will give you affectionate noogies.

Possible Little Mix 3rd Album Songs!

ASCAP has some new songs where Little Mix is listed as “performers”! It’s possible that some (or all) of these could be on the new album! Here are all of the new titles:

Break Your Heart
Dominate You
Fire In The Sky
Fux Wit That
Like A Drum
Living Life
Mr Wrong
Tap Out

Source: https://www.ascap.com/Home/ace-title-search/index.aspx

Study shows most epigenetic changes happen in cocaine addiction during the periods of withdrawal.

Study shows most epigenetic changes happen in cocaine addiction during the periods of withdrawal. Thoughts health innovators?

One of the major challenges of cocaine addiction is the high rate of relapse after periods of withdrawal and abstinence. Now, new research from McGill University and Bar Ilan University reveals that changes at a DNA-based level during drug withdrawal may offer promising ways of developing more effective treatments for addiction.  The data findings show that withdrawal from drug use results in…

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convos on skype
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  • me:gay swimming anime
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  • friend:
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Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers

University of Leicester—Geneticists from the University of Leicester have discovered that most European men descend from just a handful of Bronze Age forefathers, due to a ‘population explosion’ several thousand years ago.
The project, which was funded by the Wellcome Trust, was led by Professor Mark Jobling from the University of Leicester’s Department of Genetics and the study is published in the prestigious journal Nature Communications.

The research team determined the DNA sequences of a large part of the Y chromosome, passed exclusively from fathers to sons, in 334 men from 17 European and Middle Eastern populations, using new methods for analysing DNA variation that provides a less biased picture of diversity, and also a better estimate of the timing of population events. This allowed the construction of a genealogical tree of European Y chromosomes that could be used to calculate the ages of branches. Three very young branches, whose shapes indicate recent expansions, account for the Y chromosomes of 64% of the men studied. Read more.

Analysis of bones found in Romania offer evidence of human and Neanderthal interbreeding in Europe

DNA testing of a human mandible fossil found in Romania has revealed a genome with 4.8 to 11.3 percent Neanderthal DNA—its original owner died approximately 40,000 years ago, Palaeogenomicist Qiaomei Fu reported to audience members at a Biology of Genomes meeting in New York last week. She noted also that she and her research team found long Neanderthal sequences.

The high percentage suggests, she added, that the human had a Neanderthal in its family tree going back just four to six generations. The finding by the team provides strong evidence that humans and Neanderthals continued breeding in Europe, long after their initial co-mingling in the Middle East (after humans began migrating out of Africa.) Read more.