3 Tier Cupcake Pans

Screw 1 tier cupcakes, those were so 2014, it’s a new year and we deserve more tiers! Why have one when you can have three! This cupcake pan makes two 3 tier cupcakes at a time, and is really extremely simple to make, it’s just a matter of pour and bake. Within minutes you’ll have two marvellous cupcakes that look like wedding cakes for mice.

Pizza Condoms

There’s some things that just go good together, and Pizza plus Sex is no exception. These Pizza Condoms were made by Maria Malygina after being inspired by the FRIENDS character Joey’s love for food and sex. In case you’re wondering, the condoms don’t actually taste like pizza… I know disappointing right? But they do come packaged in a cute little pizza box.

Sneak peek of upcoming blog post & free pattern: Chinese New Year Sheep

We need help naming this little cutie!  Please leave a comment below with your name suggestions- we always love your ideas!

If you’d like to buy the yarn ahead of time to make your own Chinese New Year Sheep, I used:

Here’s a Tauntaun that probably smells just fine on the inside, although it’s probably pretty cold in there too. Redditor Xnipek shared this photo of their friend sitting astride the awesome Snow Tauntaun that he’d just made.

A Tauntaun would come in really handy during a blizzard. So we’re relieved to learn that there’s no need to journey to the frozen wastes of Hoth to find one. Just find a snowy field and make one yourself.

[via Geekologie

Upcycle a Wine Bottle…

DIY Marble Glow Night Light!


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