Fan: I’ll buy you a drink
Ally: That better be Sprite!

June 1

Happy June!

Highlights of today:

- Fifth Harmony (well, 4/5 go clubbing)

- Trip outside London

So the biggest news today was that the girls went clubbing after their BGMT performance to celebrate Normani’s birthday!

Unfortunately, due to Dinah’s age, she couldn’t join the girls in the club. :(

So … What had happened was 🙈

4/5 had a great time out until the wee hours of the morning! They were spotted with Niall and Louis of One Direction.

Lauren, in particular, was spotted leaving the club with Louis. Various media outlets have reported about it.

So, pictures of Club Harmony, as you wish:

internal monologue: “camila it’s your 1st time at a club in the UK don’t trip DEAR GOD. left right left right left. #notdrinkingjustbadcoordination” (via Camila’s Twitter/IG)

5H-Photos has the entire set of HQ photos, so head over HERE to check all the pictures from last night!

What were the girls up to?

After taping something for The Box (music channel) in the morning, they headed to Birmingham to prepare for their busy press day tomorrow.

They’ll be visiting Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, and Manchester!

With fans today!

Happy Birthday Normani!

We’re still buzzing now that our queen is 19! Check out her birthday cake c/o G-A-Y:

So So Gay UK wrote a GLOWING review of the girls’ performance in G-A-Y!

ICYMI, their performances -> (x)

Social Media

Leave it to Caminah to post selfies!

The present is here , live it 💎

“goodnight and great love to you. we see the same stars.”

Camila and Ally thanked BGT for last night:


This is an interview from last moth with Top Trending:

This week’s 5H Sugarscape column is Lauren talking about her X-Factor audition process.

Reflection x Worth It

If you’ve seen the new Hershey’s commercial… a familiar song might be playing ;)

SPIN Magazine has hailed Reflection as one of the “The 50 Best Albums of 2015 So Far”! That’s amazing! Read the review here again!

The following are c/o 5HWorldNews:

Over at Canada:

Here’s an update for Worth It’s charts!

And you can vote for the girls HERE and for Worth It HERE!


Fifth Harmony revealing that they will not be preforming tonight at the Billboard Music Awards (x)