Holy shit.

red-black-and-harlequin (who’s got some lovely stuff in her art tag) just became my 1300th follower. Thank you! And thank you to everyone who has followed me!

Now, I’ve been prepared for this milestone. A lot of you like the Morrigan in my banner and from this strip. That strip was, I think, the second post I put up on Tumblr when I first started and it’s also one of my favourites. There was a bit of discussion around having Morrigan on a mug to buy but I thought I could go one better. What I did was redo a couple of images into better quality pics for you all to do what you want with: 

I also made transparent versions:

They may need re-sizing depending on what you do with them but you have my permission to use them on your blogs, put them on mugs, whatever. The restrictions? Credit me, personal use only (no selling stuff with the images on it) and please post and tag me if you do anything neat. I really, really want to see what, if anything, happens with Morrigan! :D

Download links for the pictures:

Upsideup Morrigan

Upsideup Morrigan Transparent

Upsidedown Morrigan

Upsidedown Morrigan Transparent

Feel free to reblog to share the pics. 

And thank you again. I know the fandom can be a roller coaster ride at times but my corner of Tumblr is a space I enjoy filled with people I’m priviledged to have some connection to. 

So, here’s my Vietnamese-inspired soup from the other night. 

I can’t claim it’s authentic because I’m not Vietnamese, but I do use a lot of authentic ingredients and I do pay attention when I go to authentic restaurants.

Last night’s posts got me thinking …

If I did a food side-blog, would that be of interest to anyone? I can’t say I’ll post everyday, but I could use actual recipes so that I can tell you proportions, take pictures (with my real camera not the iPhone) of the process and end result, and maybe share some food and nutrition things I find online. It’s a big commitment and I’d want to do it correctly and respectfully, so I’d focus on quality rather than quantity.

As I’ve told you, I usually only follow a recipe the first couple of times I make something. And a lot of what I make is an amalgam of different specific recipes or dishes, But this would be a good exercise to, if nothing else, give myself a refresher course. And I would commit to doing one new recipe a week.

What do you guys think?

follower giveaway.

So, I made this blog roughly 3 days ago, and I’ve ready got 51 followers, how? I have no idea. You guys must think its quality here lol psychhhhh! But anywho I did promise a follower giveaway with all the goodies and stuff so here are a couple rules to abide by:

Must be following me (its for my followers hello)
Don’t unfollow after cuz rood
Must have your askbox open or submit idrc which
Don’t reblog more than once
Likes do not count
It doesn’t matter what fandom you’re apart of (still can be included)

When does it end? Hmmm:

Monday Feb 23 at 8 PM when the Originals air again :)

What do you get? Gooooodies:

1 person will receive a pack of 50 icons their choice of fc, 1 graphic and 4 gifs
2 people will receive a pack of 30 icons their choice of fc, and 3 gifs
3 people will receive a pack of 15 icons their choice of fc, and 2 gifs

I guess you want examples huh?


x | x | x | x

Gifs (before you comment and see a url on them, that’s my old account that I lost the password to):

x | x | x | x 

Graphics (the last one has a url that’s MINE, I had an old Jace blog I use to rp):

x | x | x

Just lost two followers

Man. I don’t know what is up with some of you guys. If I give actual story updates I lose followers but if I legit do anything else like art trades, doodles (I dunno, design 21 OUTFITS FOR FREE FOR PEOPLE), random thoughts..then I get plenty more. 

I’m not sure what to make of it but it’s certainly not a very encouraging thing. Maybe this blog isn’t meant to be a story blog. 

anonymous asked:

thank you for sharing the scans as always! i often go to weibo for quick previews, but always come back here (and ur main blog) for better quality scans ~ i wonder how you make it look so hq? what scanner did you use? or did you touch up a bit after scanning em? it'd be nice if you could share some tips! :D

Hello dear anon,

thank you for your compliment!

My scanner is actually quite old and I’m thinking of replacing it. I’m never happy with the way the scans turn out and I’m blaming the old hardware, lol.

I use a Canon Pixma MP560 (it was expensive way back when) and I scan the images as TIFF files on high resolution. I used to scan them as pdfs but the quality loss was quite bad.

After scanning them I touch them up in gimp, but only the basics but even gimp filters can’t quite get rid of the graininess, so I’m always still experimenting with settings and filters.

One day I’ll be happy with my scans….

Hope that helped a little?

Tagged by the beautiful and gorgeous fuckingohenrystory who has a high quality blog and you should follow!

Why did you choose your url?
’High as bananas’ is one of the best quotes from Andy McNally

What is your middle name?

If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
I want a Minion!

Favorite color?

What are your top 3 fandoms? Rookie Blue, Castle, Orphan Black/Clone Club

Why do you enjoy tumblr?
Oh man where do I even begin?! This is a place where I am able to fangirl over things and people don’t think I’m nuts, immature, or strange. Basically a place where I’m accepted for being myself.

Tag nine:

pangbourne-dreaming asked:

All the ones with an "i" in them ... m'kay?

Okay, wow, thanks

English: How many languages can you speak?

Sadly only one. I took a Spanish course in 9/10th grade, but it was poorly designed and I learned nothing from it.

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?

No, I don’t think so.

Kiss: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

Already answered :)

Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.

I did this not too long ago… I don’t have the courage to post one at this moment. :(

Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.

Oh my gosh, I don’t know?? I love ohscoreshascores, she’s the best. Umm, to-cry-you-a-song, because, like, he’s my brother. I don’t know who else, but if I follow you, I love your blog.

Star-sign: When’s your birthday?

November 27th 1996

Unite: Do you sponsor a cause?

Not really, I do give money/ volunteer at my local animal shelter.

Varsity: Do you play/watch sport?

No, it just doesn’t interest me.

I think those are all the ones with an “i” in them, Thank you so much for asking!

robinfromtherich asked:

(Mine maybe?)

Send me a URL and I’ll tell you the following:

Do I Follow Them?: Yes!

Why Did I Follow Them?: Because I love Robin Hood and I saw your promo on my dash from a quality blog and figured you must be lovely 

Do We Role Play?: No:(

Do I Want To Role Play With Them: Yes please!

An AU Idea For Our Muses: Lizzie would love to visit Nottingham and Sherwood Forest

A Song For Our Muses: I need more interaction

Do I Ship Our Muses?: See above (but I could see a friendship)

What I Think About The Mun: I haven’t had the pleasure of talk you yet, dear, but I’m sure you are a lovely little cupcake!

Overall Opinion

Blog Rate: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

excordis asked:

( i only just started following you yesterday but i did look through your blog and ❤ actual urahara )

send me a ❤ if you think I’m quality.

     th ere is my sesshomaru! <333 and this is exciito btw! or, siininen or like b oth or whatever i am everywhere but omg i missed you ok and thank you so so so much!!! actual urahara like wow… that is an in s aNE compliment! but y es g osh a nd i h AVE NOT FORGOTTEN OUR i chigrimm plans!

bagofships asked:

16, 35, 45, 62 c:

Thank you ^_^

16. When did you start blogging about Supernatural?

I think it was November or December 2013. I started watching the show that April and I had to wait until October for season 8 to be released on Netflix. I tried finding the episodes online but the quality of them were terrible so I decided to wait. 

I used to search “spn spoilers” on tumblr or go onto twitter to see what people were saying during the first few episodes of season 9, then I decided to finally make a tumblr for myself so I could talk about the show too. 

35. What’s your opinion on Samifer?

I generally don’t have a lot of opinions when it comes to Supernatural ships. I don’t ship any myself so it’s not a huge deal to me. With the exception of Wincest, I guess. I ship that in the brotherly bond sense. And I do have strong (negative) opinions of Destiel, only because shippers are everywhere and are constantly shoving it down everyone’s throats. 

When it comes to spn ships, I really don’t care what people ship as long as they stay in their tags or just have fun with it. If Destiel shippers were like that, then I wouldn’t have so many opinions about it. 

But I don’t ship it, just like I don’t ship anyone else. Shipping in this show seems pointless to me since this show isn’t even about romance, so I never really think about other ships. 

45. What is your favorite moment from any of the gag reels?

This one is really hard. For a really honest answer, I’d have to go back and watch all of them again, but I don’t exactly want to do that lol. I really can’t think of one that I like over the others… This one isn’t my favorite but I like it for a different reason. 

I like this one because I had showed it to my little sister and she died laughing, which made me die laughing as well. I get a lot of joy making other people laugh or when I show someone something and it really makes them laugh. And this was already funny but seeing my little sister laugh at it made it funnier to me. 

62. Why did you start watching Supernatural? 

Okay, this is gonna be a long one. I’ll literally give you a play by play of how I found and started watching this show. Get ready lol

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

how did you make only posts tagged "x" show up on your homepage?

ah yes my “trick ppl into thinking i have a quality blog” secret

put this code directly after <head> (replace [YOURURL] with your actual url):

<script type=”text/javascript”>
if(location.href == ‘http://[YOURURL].tumblr.com/’) location.replace(‘http://[YOURURL].tumblr.com/tagged/x’);;

then i went into mass editor and tagged about 100 posts with x so that my blog would have some depth starting off but that’s not necessary. you can also use a different tag, but you have to specify that in the code. if you want to get around it, just use two backslashes when you type the url into the browser (so it would be http://clintsbishop.tumblr.com//) so that it won’t redirect you.

anonymous asked:

sometimes i forget ur following me, so when i see you reblog shit from my blog i kind of choke and think when the fuck did senpai started following me

senpai is always here to reblog your quality content, anon

cluelesswolf replied to your postk so i think i’m back now……….

FINALLY the QUALITY CONTENT IS BACK ON TUMBLR. i can stop checking all these other MEDIOCRE BLOGS because my BEST GIRL IS BACK!

HONESTLY how did you even live without me inundating you with 86 of the same pic of louis from different angles?? and me wailing “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” every 20 seconds?? but don’t worry husky…it’s okay…i’m here for you…let me hold you close to my chest and never let go

invenustum replied to your post :this is a really beautifully written piper. thank…

wheres the lie tho

//I’m sorry did you READ THE ASK? It essentially said this is a quality blog. Which I am not. I just got lucky that I can interact with such amazing and beutiful people that I can learn from everyday! I read your guys’ posts, think through each reply as much as I possibly can and have to strive to come close to being worthy of playing with you guys! This blog would be nothing without the spot on replies and partners I’ve been blessed with so really, my Piper is like a bit of garnish to the delicable dish you guys make this blog into with your epicness. The only truth is that I havent totally fucked Piper up (which I take great relief in having confirmed thank you.)//

riri1148 asked:

What made my day was my son smiling at me as we watched a movie together. I also entered your tumblr awards.

Hey Ria! Ugh, oh my that’s so incredibly cute. What did you watch with him? I remember watching tons of Disney films with my mum when I was younger. I’m glad you get to spend such quality time with him - it’s so important for the both of you!

I love your blog. There’s a wealth of Supernatural content, and it is of top notch quality. You’re a wonderful writer and you broach a range of topics which I think is important. It’s great that you’re so diverse in your ability. Your theme is easy to navigate at makes the content central which is great. 

You’re a super cute, devoted mother and I admire you, honestly. You’re very lovely and sweet to me, and I enjoy talking with you. Landen is the cutest little guy I’ve ever seen and I can tell that you’re exceptionally proud of him. Keep being the wonderful person that you are! 

As for advice: From what I can tell, you tag all of your posts, so it might be an idea to make a navigation page. Totally your call though! 

Let us pay you compliments? finishing up!
blacklist ‘lydia compliments’ if you don’t wanna see

anonymous asked:

Off Topic-anon who asked about the tux, lol (actually imagineer801 from fanfiction :P) Anyway, can you give me a link to where I can find WG eps like the one you already gave me? Thanks a million! I"m so behind but my PBS station has something against new tobeysodes, lol.

(Mun: Oh, hi imagineer801! :D Glad you found this blog! Anyway, here’s the link where you can find a lot of WordGirl episodes, even the newer ones. They’re not all there, but it’s a great start, and all of them are pretty good quality too!

Also, to the anon who sent me the ask about WordGirl and Tobey’s moments, I’m going to answer it, but since they had a lot it’s taking me a bit of time to compile all of them. Also, Tobey probably thinks they had way more moments than they actually did, so….XD Ye have been warned, anon. 83)