Here I am on the podcast- With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus featuring the great Lauren Lapkus. The whole idea of the podcast is that Lauren’s guest (me) plays the host of a fictional podcast and Lauren plays that person’s guest. So I get to invent a character, a fictitious podcast, and I get to make Lauren anyone I want and we improvise in that world for an hour. It was an insane amount of fun and nothing is planned beforehand. So, enjoy Second Chances with Donald Faulter by streaming above or clicking on the photo below.

Sara Harvey is Alive, Bethany Young is Dead.

So, along with the “Wren is A” people… I’m getting a lot of “Bethany is A” people blowing up my inbox saying Bethany is alive and Sara is the one who’s dead. This is wrong… And here’s why: 

1. Bethany’s body was buried in the gazebo plot Labor Day night by Melissa Hastings. The next day, the gazebo was filled in with cement and built over her grave, a year later her body was found in the Yellow top when Maya’s family began tearing it down. All it took was for Mrs. D to see the yellow top and she knew it was Alison, but it wasn’t… It was Bethany.

2. Sara Harvey was seen by her friend Avery on her bike the day AFTER Labor Day, the day AFTER Bethany was killed and the gazebo was built. Therefore disqualifying her from being the body found in the gazebo plot.

3. In episode 5x06 A has a bouquet of flowers, she writes on a little card “My Deepest Condolences -A” and on the front of the card it reads “To The Parents of Bethany Young”

4. Bethany broke out of Radley that night, someone (*cough* CECE *cough*) got Bethany a yellow ruffled top, bracelet, etc. just like the one they gave Alison to wear. Sara wasn’t out that night, didn’t have a yellow top, etc. and she was NOT killed that night.

5. Having Sara’s photo be a stock photo on the missing persons site makes perfect sense, they weren’t going to hire an actress to play Sara two whole seasons before she would even show up. Added point, Sara’s been missing for an entire 3 years, she’s bound to look different.

6. They would NOT misidentify the body THREE times as different people. Even Marlene wouldn’t go so far as to say “Oh by the way, it’s not this person, or this person, it’s really THIS person.” It would just be obnoxious and excessive.

So, there you guys go. Sara’s alive, Bethany is dead, and all is well.