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*Tears of joy* most people dont I have been looking for someone to do this one!! -DDIWT Mc and boys get into a fight and break up. She goes home to her parent unknowingly shes pregnat. I was hoping for the scene where she leaves, and a scene where she returns. Accadentily running into them with the child Sorry long explination

Sorry in advance if you like Johji or Reiji but I ain’t into older men and younger girls scenario. Not gonna write it sorry. And these are kinda lengthy. I was gonna write a fanfic on one guy, but yolo I did this instead enjoy! PS enjoy the bonus ;-)

Ichigo: Remi took her suitcase and walked out of Black Ship. Thankfully it was summer break so transferring schools would be easier now than mid semester. Walking by herself towards the train station she thought about everything that happened, mainly with Ichigo. The reunion, the challenges they faced, the inevitable break up that night. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she quickly wiped them away and made her way back home with her parents in Germany. That was three years ago. Now she was working back in Japan and had her little one in tow. God did he look like his father. As Remi was walking down the familiar streets to the Black Ship while carrying Aoi, she bumped into a large figure. “Oh, I’m so sorry-” She stopped short when she realized Ichigo was staring at her, and her child with eyes as big as saucers. “Who-” He didn’t get to finish his sentence when Remi started running. She couldn’t face him, not now. Three years wasn’t nearly enough time she needed to heal. “Remi!” He yelled, catching up and grabbing her shoulder, “Is that…?” He didn’t need to finish his question to know, that was his child. Relief and happiness bubbled inside him as he pulled the two in close, “I-I’ve missed you. I’m so sorry.”

Haruki: “Remi.” His voice was low, almost as if it wasn’t his. She knew what was about to come, and accepted it. She just didn’t want to hear it. “Dont say it. Please.” Remi said, already making her way back home. But was that really home? Home was where you went to where people who loved you were. But did anyone love her now? That thought was all it took. Packing her bags she left mid-semester without so much as a goodbye, and flew home to Germany. Haru tried desperately to get in contact with her, but all calls and letters went unanswered. Now, two years later, Remi and her family moved back to Japan with another addition. “Slow down Aoi!” She called out, chasing the toddler through the familiar streets, his scruffy black hair and wide eyes making him easy to find. Suddenly he stopped in front of some flowers, taking in the smell, “Common Aoi we need to go-” She began to say when she was interrupted, “Remi?” The voice was the same low one that haunted her. She looked up and saw Haru, looking at her with shock. “Hello.” She said, offering a quick bow and picking up her son, “Who’s that mum?” Aoi asked. Haru’s eyes went even wider as he pieced it together, “He-he is?” Remi could feel the tears fall from her eyes as Haru moved in to wipe them away, “I’m so sorry. If I only knew…”

Ryuzo: “S-she left?” His voice was horse as the guys broke the news. Remi had gone back home that morning, with out telling anyone. “What did you do?” Ichigo asked, irritated. Ryo thought back on their last conversation. She seemed so upset, so flustered, so angry. They argued, she left. Did he say something that upset her that badly? That was a year ago, and Remi was no walking down the familiar streets of West Tokyo on her way to see Johji with her baby Aoi. Pushing the stroller she made her way to Black Ship when she ran into a group of people gathered outside. “Excuse me.” She said, walking inside to see Ryo sitting at the counter. “Remi.” She froze in place. Why now? Why did he have to see her now? He got up from the counter and pulled her upstairs, to her room. It was just like when she left. So full of memories she desperately wanted to push out. Siting down on the bed, Ryo looked at the child in her arms, “Is he..mine?” He asked, a serious expression playing on his face. Remi averted her gaze, “It doesn’t concern you R-” He stopped her short, “Of course he does and so do you Remi!”

Takeshi: Everything revolved around running. She felt as she didn’t matter. Constant pointless conversations after another pushed her into moving home and ending their relationship. Now, three years later, she was chasing after her fast toddler Aoi through West Tokyo. Finally catching up to him she realized where she was, and who she happened to run into. “Remi?” Frozen, she slowly looked up before she saw Takeshi. “T-takeshi.” She stuttered, quickly picking up Aoi and shoving his face into her shoulder. “Let me see.” He said. He had to see his face. Remi backed away, “N-no. Go away.” She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t face it. But it was to late. Her son slipped out of her grasp and stared at the man in front of him. Everything seemed to stop as Takeshi was speechless. That was his son. He wondered how, when, why? Was their last conversation about them really more so about this? He felt guilty, responsible. He didn’t know. He would have acted different. Remi saw the remorse on his face. It was exactly what she didn’t want, but did at the same time.

Rihito: Remi has tears in her eyes as she stormed out of Black Ship. She heard the guys yelling out for her to come back, but only heard one pair of footsteps behind her. Thankfully, she was faster and in better shape and eventually lost him. In the wee hours of the night she boarded a plane and flew home. She couldn’t believe it ended like this. That was five years ago. Constantly she was reminded by his face on tv as the “Japanese prodigy of pianos”. Seeing him surrounded by gorgeous women and constantly on tv pained her heart. Especially when she looked at her five year old toddler Aoi. Walking back through Japan and hopping of the train, she noticed the familiar curly blonde locks in a mirror behind her. Turning around with her child in her arms, she saw Richy staring at her, “Remi…?” He asked, reaching out to her to pull her in, but she backed away. “Remi.” He said, closing the distance between them and forcing her into a hug. She bit down on her bottom lip. She wouldn’t cry now. Not now. After all she has already been though. She thought she was strong, but when she looked at Richy, being reflect in his eyes, she knew she couldn’t stay away from him.


Koh: He never talked to her. Whatever she felt, whatever he felt. They were words left unspoken. Whenever she tried to confront him on something he wouldn’t listen. This rough patch in their relationship caused Remi to go home. Staring out the dark plane window she gazed at the stars. Things that once held great meaning were now meaningless as she went home. After three years of schooling and landing a job back in Japan, she rushed home to see her childhood friends. “Remi!” They all yelled, but soon went quiet as they saw the child in her arms, “Hey guys. This is Aoi.” She said before introducing the other guys to Aoi. He was a quiet child, with his mothers hair and fathers eyes. They all knew who his father was, but they still had to ask. “He…Koh is his father.” She said as the door chimed and Koh walked in. “Remi?” He said, shocked as he saw the child in her arms. He instantly saw the resemblance. “Is that…?” He started to ask. The rest of the guys quickly walked outside to give them some privacy, but Remi started to follow them. “Wait!” He said, grabbing her arm, “You finally come back and won’t give me a explanation? I’m tired of losing you!”

8 Ways You Know You're a Voltage Inc. Fan

1. You buy iTunes/Google play cards every two weeks
2. You flip out when a route comes out that you’ve been waiting forever for
3. You’ve spent more than $50 on routes
4. You wanna learn Japanese
5. You want to work at Voltage Inc.
6. You wanna go to Japan
7. You fangirl when the romantic parts come on
8. You fangirl when your man is half naked


Even if you’re not a shota type girl, (like me) you KNOW you can’t resist these adorable smiling and blushing lovelies!